Wednesday, 4 September 2013

WIP - Ah-chooo!

We have a birthday coming up for almost Miss 2.

This red gingham is somehow going to turn into 15 fabulous 'Party Favours' for a Teddy Bear's Picnic - miraculously - whilst I sleep ...
Looks pink here ... trust me it's red

The little mice will also turn this $4.95 Ikea red fleece blanket into a 

Little Red Riding Hood cape for Miss 3 ... Book Week is looming and a costume I must make!

The Maisie Cape

And if the fairy's have some spare dust left in their wands then I strongly urge them to finish this lovely paper pieced Songbird pattern 

Which I see is on sale (with other popular patterns) for 34% off in Kristy's Craftsy Store - quick, go buy one now!

Tweet tweet - out of body experience

 "Mirror, mirror on the wall, is that a Farmer's Wife quilt I see in my future?" ...


"Yes, for it's the fairest of them all!"

I shall return to bed now, with box of tissues and Vicks in hand ... for the flu has found my fair land ...

Sniff, sniff ... linking up to WIP ... ah-choo!



  1. oh no!! Hope you feel better soon Serena!! Cinderella has quite the to do list. Maybe your Farmer's Wife blocks will inspire me to pull mine out :)

  2. I'm sniffling right along with you. Rotten Spring time colds hey!

    I do hope the magic sewing fairies visit your house and make a dent in that to-do list! Feel better soon!!

  3. Oh goodness. Get well soon! I hope the mice will work hard! lol

  4. What a fun post!! That bird having an out of body experience cracked me up laughing!!! The fairies will be busy making such fun things!! Take care, look after yourself and get better soon!!

  5. Ahhh, Book Week! I know that feeling! :^) You're incredibly brave starting a Farmer's Wife - I'm still far too intimidated!

    1. Thanks Nony ... I'm hoping "brave" is the right word!

  6. Sending you extra fairy dust, love your sense of sanity humour Serena :)))

    1. Tehe ... I think its the effects of a head cold :)

  7. The fairies did a fantastic job on Little Red Riding Hood! You must be rewarding them well!



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