Friday, 27 September 2013

Wren's Nest - A Labour of Love

Remember this little Wren block that I made using Kristy from Quiet Play's Songbird pattern?

Kristy VERY kindly produced a pattern of a nest for her Songbird so that I could depict another aspect of my MIL's life for her story quilt.

Well here she is united with her nest!

My MIL has three children and I had a pain of a fun time using fussy cutting of fabric to depict the first letter of each of her three children's names.

Can you see the "M"," M" and "J"?

Having children is such a labour of love isn't it?  Like most labours this block was born in the wee hours of the evening.  There was pain and suffering ... especially trying to place the letter fabrics within the eggs. 

But as with every birth - the pain and suffering quickly diminishes when everyone finally clears the birthing suite and you are left alone to gaze in wonder at what you just achieved.  I feel a bit like that with this block - no matter the tiny imperfections - as I look down at her, she's perfect to me ...



  1. It turned out just fabulously. I'm sure your MiL will be very touched by the thought and care you've put into her quilt.

  2. I love it! I think you did an egg-cellent job! Your MIL will be sew happy with it!

    1. This is so beautiful! Love how you incorporated their initials onto the eggs!

  3. oh, I love the nest with the 3 eggs :)

  4. So pretty... and you've summed up very nicely my feelings about PP! Love the results which make the process worth it. It seems to take me forever!!

  5. Awesome job Serena, Babs will love it. xxxx



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