Thursday, 25 September 2014

September Bee Blocks - Improv

Our Threadbias Ausbees Queen Bee has very innocently asked for Improv blocks.

She would like brights (of one colour, can use several tones) on a low volume background.

12.5" blocks.

Simple right?  No rules is awesome right? ... ah, WRONG!!

So this is me ...

Drowning ...

... doing Improv ...


... let's all agree not to let that happen again ...

Serena x
(aka not a cool improv quilter)

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Sunday, 21 September 2014

Make Modern Blog Hop

Hello and welcome to my stop on the Make Modern Magazine Blog Hop!

Make Modern

This little quilter is quite chuffed to be rubbing (virtual) shoulders with the amazing designers featured and I have been soaking up inspiration from each and every page!

Here's a little preview of my quilt ... you can find all the pattern details, fabric requirements and a few tips on sewing 3D Pinwheels in Issue 1.

Look at all that scrap busting potential in those pinwheels!

Have you tried 3D Pinwheels before?  They are really not that scary ... 'Quilter's Promise' ... and they'll add a lot of extra dimension (obviously) to your quilts ... or pillows ... or ... (addiction disclaimer).

At the end of the day, we quilters just like to make things for the people we love and care about and my baby quilt pattern was designed to do just that ... 

To snuggle and comfort

... For a full preview of Issue One click here to be tempted ...

Front Cover - Issue One

... and once I've trapped you in my 3D Pinwheel honey pot ... click here to go and get yourself a copy ... or the next six!

I've enjoyed flicking through the pages so far and have quite a few projects dog-eared to make ... if you've already made something please let us know ... on IG you can hashtag #makemodern or if you prefer you can email the team ... they would love to hear from you and see your projects.

I hope you have enjoyed following the Blog Hop so far? ... Here's the schedule, just in case you've missed any, and I'll see you at Ms Midge's place in a few days!

1st September                   Make Modern
3rd September                   Kristy @ Quiet Play
5th September                   Where Jane Creates
7th September                   Gina @ Party of Eight: Our Story
9th September                   Molli Sparkles
11th September                 Juliet @ The Tartan Kiwi
13th September                 cat&vee
15th September                 Ruth @ Ben and Charly’s corner
17th September                 Kelly @ Kelliotmagic
19th September                 Alyce @ Blossom Heart Quilts
21st September                 Serena @ Sew Giving
23rd September                 Melissa @ Ms Midge
25th September                 Anne @ Hudson Valley Quilts

Serena xx

Thursday, 18 September 2014

Drift - A Finished Quilt

We are far away from it all here, but my goodness ... once you've come West ... well I won't go on about it, but what we lack in cheap post and affordable fabric, we most definitely gain in stunning gorges to the north, lush forests to the south and beautiful beaches spanning the entire coastline.

When I first saw the Drift fabric range it reminded me so much of my honeymoon ... watching the beautiful sunsets over the beaches in Broome ...Western Australia

The Art Gallery Fabric was a perfect match for Elizabeth Hartman's New Wave pattern and I couldn't be more pleased with how it turn out ... just quietly ...

I had some fun with the quilting ...

... trying patterns I had not attempted before.

I used hanky linen to separate the 'waves' and to bind the quilt.  The texture is something else.

it's going to be really hard to let this one go ... especially for Miss 4 ... she's loved this quilt right from the start.  

The only conciliation being that it's going to her favourite Aunt.

Our little Mermaid wants to keep this one ...

I now declare this quilt Sew Given.

Serena xx

Size 46" x 50"
Fabric Front - Drift by Art Gallery Fabrics and Hanky Linen Birch supplied by Craftproject
Backing - Ikea fabric
Binding - Hanky Linen Birch
Quilting - Various Free Motion Quilting patterns done by me!

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Wednesday, 17 September 2014

On The Design Mattress - WIP

Today on the Design Wall Mattress are little Granny Squares.  They will be exactly 3.25" finished ... I was going for 3" but had a bit of a quilt maths fail ... but that's cool ... I can work with that.

I've used Katy's strip piecing method to make these - except I reduced the strips from 2.5" down to 1.25"

It's a super quick and super fun method and I highly recommend it!

So why the little Grannies?  Well ... I've finally committed myself to a border design for Sharon's Possum Magic quilt!

I'm going to add a bit of white space to quieten this one down a tad.  It's very busy, busy and I think it could do with a little air ... although I am using the Avant Garden line of fabric to make the grannies ... so it will still be rock'n'roll.

Little squares for little hexies

Round 2 is due in a matter of days so I better get my Zimmer Frame on!

Serena xx

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Wednesday, 10 September 2014


In the final stages of piecing my Drift quilt top I noticed that this clever pattern would give me the opportunity to practise some FMQ (free motion quilting).  

So I got practising!

I started with a vertical figure 8-ish design ...

Then jumped into some pebbles (boy does that use up a lot of thread!)\



Onto a clam shell-ish design (or sliced hard boiled egg as my hubby calls it!)


Some wondering flowers ...

Best seen on the back
and finally feathers (well, my version of them lol!)


My original fear of FMQ-ing an entire quilt has been squashed with this quilt due to the fact that I could clearly see where I could break up the design.  Somehow working on small bits at a time seems more manageable and in turn good for my self confidence.  I think I would have freaked at the prospect of a large amount of 'negative space'.

I don't want to give the impression that everything has gone smoothly though ... there's been unpicking and broken threads and the odd oopsie with getting the backing all caught up!

My actions or motions are still quite jerky through the curves and my stitch lengths are still a bit irregular ... but hey, that's what practising is all about and I'm hoping (read: wishing and pleading) that it will all crinkle out in the wash.

I've got a few more rows to go, then I'm onto binding this baby - hooray!

Looking forward to seeing what you've been working on over at WIP Wednesday and Let's Bee Social!

Serena xx

Friday, 5 September 2014

Those Canadians ...

... really love their flag, eh?

When we were young and fun (read: pre-children) my hubby and I did a lot of travelling.  We could always spot the Canacks easily with their flag embroidered, sewn or stickered onto something ... anything ... everything that they travelled with. 

There is a Canadian in my circle ... he loves Canada (and so he should it's a beautiful country) ... he loves Ice Hockey (Go Leafs!) ... and he's having a birthday!

I made him this pillow to keep him company watching his favourite team play his favourite sport.

There's a spot for the TV remotes ...

... it's fully lined AND I popped a zipper in it, eh?

Pillow Stats
Size is 16" square with zip closure
Red fabric is Prima Homespun in Chinese Red from Spotlight
Cream fabric is Prima Homespun in Custard from Spotlight
Novelty Fabric is Montreaux Drill "Show Bear" from Spotlight
Tutorial on how to insert a zipper with lining involved.

Happy Friday everyone!  I'll be linking up with TGIFF, Finish It Up Friday and Sew Cute Tuesday.

Serena xx

Monday, 1 September 2014

Make Modern Magazine

It's here!  It's finally here!

Make Modern Magazine has hit the virtual news stands today and I'm so very excited to have my first ever pattern published!

Make Modern

Here's a little sneak peak of my baby quilt for you ...

For all the little cherubs in our lives

... but for a preview of Issue One click here (you're welcome!) ...

Front Cover - Issue One

... and once you've done that ... click here to go and get yourself a copy ... or the next six!

There will be a blog hop to kick things off this month ... here's the schedule so you can follow along:

1st September                   Make Modern
3rd September                   Kristy @ Quiet Play
5th September                   Where Jane Creates
7th September                   Gina @ Party of Eight: Our Story
9th September                   Molli Sparkles
11th September                 Juliet @ The Tartan Kiwi
13th September                 cat&vee
15th September                 Ruth @ Ben and Charly’s corner
17th September                 Kelly @ Kelliotmagic
19th September                 Alyce @ Blossom Heart Quilts
21st September                 Serena @ Sew Giving
23rd September                 Melissa @ Ms Midge
25th September                 Anne @ Hudson Valley Quilts

I've already had a flick through today and have "dog-eared" the articles I'd like to read with my hot cup of coco (read: large vino) in bed tonight.  That's the great thing about this magazine, there's not only pretty pictures to 'ooh and ahh' at, but there is substance in the articles.  So both the left and right sides of my brain will be happily entertained!

Right I'm off to put the kettle on ... ok ... pop the cork!

Serena xx


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