Wednesday, 27 April 2016

What I'm Working On - Deer Rose

I recently received a bundle of sample fabric in the form of Lecien's "Princess Rose"

It's beautiful ... very sweet, very pretty, very gentle on the eyes, very garden tea party ... very pretty (did I say that already?)

I'm surprised that I like it given it's not my usual go to colour of saturated rainbow (yes, rainbow is a colour).

BUT .... my youngest daughter ... oh she more than like it, she LOVED it ...

"Look Mum! Roses, just like my name!" ... I couldn't deny her little beaming face, so I started planning a little something for her.

BUT ... if I was going to work with these beautiful, soft, pretty fabrics covered in roses we were going to have to find some common ground.

Ground ... yes, there's a good word.  I needed something to "ground" all this light, airy, prettiness that I had before me.

So I'm doing it with this ...

It's a fabric that I picked up last year from Spotlight ... to make my youngest a top ... well obs that never happened!

I don't like to see a purchase go to waste, so here I am, grounding Spring with a touch of Autumn.

I'm using a simple cross stitch pattern to make my daughter a Deer quilt for her bed ... yes I am.

Each square in 1.5" finished ... here's how far along I am ...

Almost halfway ...

I hope to have this finished before the last Autumn leaf twirls it's final pirouette to the ground below.


I'm being social over at Sew Fresh Quilts ... hope to see you there!

Friday, 8 April 2016

Moby Dick Quilt

There's a little boy I know of ... I've never met him ... but his Aunt is a dear friend of my Mother.

When I heard this little boy was terribly. almost irreversibly. ill ... I did what most quilters do ... I set to making him a quilt.

His name is synonymous with the Ocean, he has bright blue eyes, he constantly wears a smile and (I'm told) has quite the infectious laugh.

A quote from Moby Dick came to mind "I know not all that may be coming, but be it what it will, I'll go to it laughing"

Inspo for the quilt ... source
Inspo for the quilt - source

The parents and doctors of this boy have differing opinions on how he should be treated medically.

Lizzy House's wonderful whales for backing ... along with some Texas Denim for extra backing and binding.

A little detail ... I love the way it looks like the whale is about to swallow a row of boats.  Whale pattern found here

I can neither "treat" him holistically or with medical science but I can "treat" him to a quilt made with love and hope that the love sewn in each and every stitch seeps through to this much deserving, smiling, happy, very sick little boy.



Improv wording technique from Sarah Fielke's Wordplay Craftsy Class

Photos taken at "Crawley Edge" Boat Shed ...#73

Linking Up with Finish it Up Friday and Scraptastic Tuesday as all the wording is made from fabrics from previous quilts.


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