Friday, 30 May 2014

Echo Beach - Luxe In Bloom

When I first saw the fabric range Luxe In Bloom, the song "Echo Beach" by Martha and the Muffins popped in my head and stayed in residence until I finished sewing this quilt (or should I call it a blanket? - more on that later).

You know the lyrics right?  Here's a link to the song so you can tap your feet whilst reading the rest of this post.

"On a silent summer evening
The sky's alive with light"

"Building in the distance
Surrealistic sight"

'On Echo Beach 
Waves make the only sound'

'On Echo Beach
There's not a soul around"

I decided on using this plus block tutorial to make the quilt top.  I sashed the blocks with 1" (finished size) strips of Luxe in Bloom and Hanky Linen in birch. 

The echo is reflected in the alternating plus signs of Hanky Linen and Luxe In Bloom.  I must have re-arranged these blocks a zillion times before settling on this layout.  Not sure why I struggled with the layout?  I loved each and every individual block,  but when I put them all together it looked a little "Surrealistic" to me.

To add to the Luxe-ness (sorry) of the quilt I added a Minky blanket backing.  It was a little difficult wrangling with this super stretchy fabric but the result is and I'll definitely be doing it again.

I found this tutorial very helpful when sewing with minky.  I chose this method, as opposed to the traditional method of basting the layers together because I didn't want to bind this quilt.  I wanted the Minky to go right to the edge for extra snuggle factor.  I did investigate binding with the Minky ... but ... have you ever tried it?  I think I vacuumed up half a "mink" experimenting on that.  This stuff falls to pieces.  

There is a lot of fabulous texture happening in the quilt between the silkiness of the Art Gallery Fabrics, the rawness of the Hanky Linen and the super soft Minky back.  

My question to you is ... can I still call this object a quilt if 

- it's top is pieced
- it's not sandwiched in the traditional way and 
- it doesn't have binding?  

Or is there another word for what I have created? ... Blan-quilt? ... Quilt-et?  I suppose if I'm questioning it in the first place then I mustn't think it's a quilt, but I love it all the same!

UPDATE: Here is the link to my Q2 Finish Along List

Quilt Stats
Name:  Echo Beach
Size: 34" x 46"
Materials: Art Gallery Fabrics "Luxe in Bloom" and Hanky Linen "Birch" provided by Craft Project
Backed with Minky.

Serena x

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Sunday, 25 May 2014

Sunday Stash - Perth Craft & Quilt Fair 2014

There is always plenty to see at the Perth Craft and Quilt fair ... just not always what I want to see (Art Gallery, Aurifil ... to name but a few)  But I'm not going to harp on about it.  Perth is the most isolated city in the world so I realise that it's expensive for dealers to travel with all their wares to little ol' Perth.

When I had almost given up hope I saw Fifi's Fabricology stall (clouds parting and angels singing) I almost forgot all words in the English language! I pointed dumbly at fabric and paid with that plastic card thingy that my husband lets me have and walked away in shear and utter shock. 

Purchase from Fifi's Fabricology at Perth's Craft and Quilt Fair 2014

I wish I had actually said "hello!"  .. or grovelled to my knees and kissed their feet (embarrassing for both parties).  So I'm going to say it right here and now on my blog "Dear Fifi's Fabricology, Thank you very much for coming all the way to Perth from the Gold Coast!  You are most welcome in our city any time!  Oh and sorry about the weather, I'm not sure what's happening?  It NEVER rains in Perth.  We'll see if we can do better next year - oh, that's if you're coming back next year?" {thinks she should have kissed their feet}.

So, what else did I purchase ... not a lot really!  I did get some lovely new skinny-mini-flower pins ... no more using crowbars for this little quilter!

Did you happen to notice the divine pin cushion they are ... erm ... stabbing?  That little gem was a (very much appreciated) gift from a friend, who purchased it at Liberty.In.London (feeling very spoilt!).  

Soon I'll be able to repay the favour though ... as Liberty.Have.Landed.In.Perth!!!  Aren't we the cosmopolitan city we always thought knew we were?!

Keep your eyes peeled for the big website launch (coming soon to a computer screen near you!).  In the meantime you can follow @the_strawberry_thief on IG to keep track of all things Liberty!

QuiltWest put on a show of quilts.  The Best in Show quilt and creator also made it on the telly!!  It took Melodie Symes 10 years to create this quilt ... no wonder she named it "Perseverance 2". 

Wowser! (Claps loudly in congratulations)

Whilst I admit that the fabrics and colours are not my cup of tea, I can only begin to imagine the work that has gone into this beauty and humbly applaud it's maker.

Now, did someone say tea?  I'm off for a cuppa and a perusal of the Finalists in the Blogger's Quilt Festival.  Boy oh boy, I'm in for a treat!

Serena x

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Sunday, 18 May 2014

Drifting Away - Sunday Stash

I received these fat quarters from Craft Project a little while ago now ... I already had the package ripped open before I walked back through my front door.  Yes I was a tad excited!

I wasn't disappointed ... out flowed these beautiful, light, soft fabrics with such whisper quiet colours. 

Drift in Houses colour-way by Angela Walters for Art Gallery Fabrics

I'm talking about Art Gallery fabrics of course ... Angela Walters anyone?  Drift!!! (Houses colour-way) ... Yes, I'm still excited!

From left to right: Serenity Entwined Pearl and Gemmed Pathways Terra

From left to right: Island Droplets Peach, Feathered Coral Light and Way to Zen Tan

From left to right:  Island Droplets Sand, Blooming Algae Gold and Sea Foam Green

From left to right: Latticework Turquoise and Aquatic Lace Bronze

So why so long to post about such beauties?  Well here's the thing.  Before checking said letter box, I had given my 2.5 year old a piece of chocolate.  As I, and the very elegant package of fabric in my hands, entered the house, she ran towards me with sticky, icky, chocolate fingers!! Cue jaws music ... der-nant, der-nant, ahhhhhh!

Thankfully the fabric was saved ... my white linen trousers however ...

So this little bundle has been put high up on the shelf! I have plans for it before the dust settles though - I hope you like it!

Serena x

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Wednesday, 14 May 2014

WIP - Frogtastic Quilt

My youngest daughter LOVES frogs - which was completely fine until she wanted a "froggie blanket mum!"... umm ... how does one do a froggie quilt?  AND have you seen the frog fabric out there?! Croak ...

Well this is what I've come up with so far .. lots of photos to follow!

Nothing has been trimmed to perfect size yet, I just keep adding strips until I feel like stopping.  But I'm going with a layout that will accomodate smaller blocks around 6" and larger blocks around 12"

Here's a rough sketch of what I'm trying to achieve ...

The blocks are supposed to resemble square lilly pads or something.  I was also thinking of adding a few 3D pin wheel blocks (like I did here) to represent water lilies - what do you think?

I'm trying my best to channel my inner ribbit!

Serena x

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Monday, 12 May 2014


These Bento(ish) Box blocks took me longer than I thought they would!

Weird ...

It's just strips sewn around a square ... what could be hard about that right?  

Dunno, but I found it a bit challenging keeping them square.  Perhaps I just wasn't giving the block the respect it deserved.

Our May Ausbee Queen gave us this tutorial to work off, but only wanted three rings around the original square.  

Inner square is 4"
1st ring is 2"
2nd ring is 1.5"
3rd ring is 2.5"

The colour choice was Blue, Red and Purple.  The only rule being that the 1st ring around the square was to be white.  I didn't have any of these colours, especially purple...  

So I popped into a brick and mortar quilt shop called Quintessential Quilts (no affiliation) for some much needed help in fabric selection.  Thank you ladies, I think we come up trumps!

Right to left: Cotton Supreme colour 121 (Purple solid), Stof Quilters Basic (Red), Dear Stella (Navy)

Once our Queen receives her blocks she's going to quarter them and arrange them as per the tutorial.  I think it's going to look lovely and I look forward to seeing her finished quilt.

Now I'm off to pop these in the post!


Wednesday, 7 May 2014

WIP - "Plus" Farming

I've finally found the time to slice into these Art Gallery - Luxe In Bloom beauties!

Clockwise from top left: Diamante Shine, Marquise Azure, Boucherouite Silver, Petite Petalie Lapis and Cascade Agate (middle)

I love the ink blot Cascade Agate pattern ...

The greys, blues and citrus colours are so fresh.

They are a lovely palate cleanser from all the pink I'm usually surrounded by.

Partnering the Art Gallery with the Hanky Linen (I'm using colour Birch) adds a nice level of texture.  I'm enjoying working on these blocks.  Expect this to be a quick finish!

I haven't forgotten about my Farmer's Wife ...

Introducing Block #7 "Birds in the Air" ... not my finest work hand piecing, but man-oh-man there were a lots of itty-bitty bits in this block - so small that they made my fingers feel like elephant feet handling them!

This one might end up in the "re-do" pile

It's nice to fill in another blank space on the progress chart - tick!

Serena x

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Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Rainbow Doll's Quilt

Measuring just 27" x 27" ... this little Doll's Quilt was an exercise in:

1. Sewing with equilateral triangles (I'm a 90 degrees kind of girl)
2. Experimenting with colour (Having an engineering background I tend to visualise in black, white and grey)
3. Trying to be more thrifty (I usually throw out my scraps)

Thanks to the Triangle QAL at The Sassy Quilter I now know how to make an equilateral triangle quilt!  The QAL instalments and tutorials were very clear and therefore easy to follow and it was fun learning along with everyone.

I was too late to link up my final quilt due to planning a certain 4 year old's Princess-Mermaid-Pirate-Party (yes, we morph our themes in this house!) 

... but I thoroughly enjoyed the process.

There are some lovely triangle quilts linked up though, so go over there and give them a well deserved cheer!

I've been trying to stretch myself with colour-play and have never really attempted blending etc.  So, when I was left with a few charm pack misfits, I wondered how I could combine them all to make a cohesive quilt?  

I started by sorting them into different coloured piles first then just laid them out from warm through to cool colours.  It seemed to work and I will definitely keep this method in mind for scrap quilts in future!  

The dolls quilt is bound in some old, grey, linen blend maternity trousers that I've had hiding in my cupboard.  I recently did a wardrobe turnout and came across them.  I decided to keep them as I thought the linen fabric would come in handy...

Just one leg was needed for the binding

... funny to think that just a few years ago (pre-children, pre-quilting) that I would have just put them in the charity bag ... my, how I've changed.

UPDATE: Here is the link to my original Q2 Finish Along List

Serena x

Quilt Stats

Size: 27" x 27"
Fabric: Top = left over charm squares, Back = white with rainbow dots, Binding = ex-maternity grey linen trousers
Quilting: By me on my domestic machine, SLQ 1/4" off each side of every 2nd triangle row using Gutermann 100% cotton, Col. 618

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