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When I was in high school I was abruptly introduced to the world of sewing.  Now, don’t get me wrong, my mother was always busy knitting, crocheting or sewing up a tutu or two, but for some reason I didn't ever really take any interest until someone said “Now listen carefully students as there will be a test on this”.  What? A test? – eek!  And so I was forced kicking and screaming (well emotionally so) to sit behind a wicked beast called (cue dramatic music) a Sewing Machine.  For this little tomboy (after my tutu phase) it was a step too far!

The school year progressed with my many a tussle with needle and thread.  My pillowcase not fitting a pillow.  My shorts ending up with one leg narrower than the other … yes well you get the idea.

Finally, as this was a non-compulsory class, I was asked by the powers-that-be if I would like to try something different?  Well derrrr!  They gave me a sharp pencil and put me in a technical drawing class with all the boys (I wasn't silly) and basically a Mechanical Draftsperson was born!

It wasn't until I – tomboy extraordinaire -  met my Fine English Fellow (FEF), lived in London and travelled all through Europe, that I started to notice and appreciate beautiful fabrics and colours beyond the red dirt and eucalyptus green I was usually surrounded by.
FEF and I finally return to Australia (because I missed the sun), marry on a lovely Autumn day and have two beautiful girls 16 months apart.  Suddenly though I feel the need to make something for them.  Something to wrap them up in.  Keep them safe and warm.  Snug as a bug in a rug – well perhaps a quilt?

With my children’s every happiness at risk … yes I do tend to exaggerate … I decided to take on my nemesis … the sewing machine.

This is my time capsule, my record – if you like, of the quilts (and probably other bits) that I make and give.  Whether that be to my family, friends or even complete strangers.

I've called this blog “Sew Giving” not because I'm a Saint or anything but because, ultimately, most of the quilts I make will be for the purpose of giving away … selfishly.  Selfishly because I get a real kick out of seeing people’s faces light up when they are given something homemade – made especially for them.  Selfishly because I don’t like to be beaten.  For every success I have on the Sewing Machine is a little personal win!




  1. Hi Serena,
    We spotted the beginnings of your elephant quilt based on a design from Homespun magazine and it looks really promising. Don't forget to send us a pic or two and a few words when it's finished for possible inclusion in Readers' Showcase please. (No time limit!)
    Deputy Editor, Homespun

  2. Such an achievement Serena, so proud of you. Love Ma xxxxxx

  3. It's very interesting MUMMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!G!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. BYE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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