Saturday, 26 September 2015

The Purple Thing

Remember that delicious (read lots of sarcasm into that descriptive word) Sofia Fabric our nearly 4 year old found at the fabric shop? How can you forget?

Well, true to my word and because I was nagged a lot, I made something with that fabric.

Bag in training ...

I'm happy to report that my machine didn't blow up nor did the world end (as I had predicted) but I did get a very happy, now, 4 year old out of the process.

She's always wanted a bag just like her big sister's ... "but not Kitty mum".  I didn't make the hello kitty bag that her sister owns, that was a gift from her Aunty.

I haven't been able to find a Sofia one "just the same Mum, but with Sofia" ... so I set to making one when we stumbled upon this fabric ... ahem.

I kind of followed my nose and this tutorial to make the bag ... I haven't made many bags, so this 3D world was a bit of a challenge, especially if you want it fully lined like I did.  Of course I blamed all of the unpicking on the fabric and not my lack of bag making skills ... would you expect anything less?

But with a mild dose of patience and a large dose of champagne, I got there in the end.

Her smile when it was finished ... was everything.


PS here are some pics from our shiny new 4 years old's birthday ... in case you missed it on IG :)

Princess Sofia Cake (of course)

Obligatory family pic :)

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