Saturday, 28 September 2013

Humidicrib Covers - 100 Quilts for Kids Drive

It all started with a bit of pattern testing for Kristy of Quiet Play ...

 ... not only did I gain an addiction to paper piecing (thanks Kristy!) but I also gained these gorgeous little house blocks - which I loved.

 post over at SwimBikeQuilt and thought it would be a good way to put my new found skills and sweet blocks to good use.

King Edwards Memorial Hospital is one of our local Hospitals that take donations of Humidicrib Covers.

The following specifications must be met: " Humidicrib Covers are to be 16" x 24", any pattern top, pale backing, please no flannelette, no maker names or quilt labels".

I can do that!

I added this paper plane pattern to the top-right of the boy quilt and added some loop-da-loop hand embroidery to depict the paper plane flying out of the window of the house.

For the girl's quilt I added this Heart paper piecing pattern and hand embroidered some string so the little girl in the doorway can fly her heart balloons. 

I backed them both with plain white fabric (as per the hospitals specifications), straight lined quilted them both (because that's my skill level at this stage) and hand bound them (because I like that personal touch to finish a quilt).

I'm happy with how these turned out and can see myself making some more of these in my future.  Not only are they a good way to use up some spare little blocks but they are just big enough to explore a new technique or skill (my next skill to test is some FMQ).

I'll send these off to the hospital now with a little wish ... "May the babies that receive these live a long, happy - and most importantly - a healthy life"

Consider these Sew Given!

PS sorry about the text variation in this post - something has gone a-skew!


  1. Oh, Serena! These two little quilts turned out delightful! Each are special in their own way. Love what you did with the hand embroidery! That was a nice touch! Such a worthy cause you are donating them to, as well. Great job on both of these sweet quilts!

  2. These two quilts are really gorgeous!! The stitches you put into them will be really treasured by whoever receives them.

  3. These turned out just beautifully! I'm sure they will be very appreciated and treasured!

  4. Just fabulous and no doubt they will be very well received.

  5. So cute!! Love the airplane one!
    And i totally blame Kristy for my paper piecing addiction too!

  6. Oh, these are so adorable! I love them both. Great job!

  7. They look great, Serena, and you are right, they are the perfect size to practice things on. I'm finding doll's quilts handy for the same reason. I'm itching to try FMQ as well.

  8. these are the cutest quilts ever!!! And thanks for linking up to 100 Quilts for Kids.



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