Saturday, 18 January 2020

Cooling Blues

There's two things on my mind lately.  Much needed rain and preparing my girls for their next year at school … basically … January.

I'm reminded of a quilt I made from a range of blue fabrics called "Blue Sky" designed by Laundry Basket Quilts.  I have to say that they are not my usual "go-to" fabric designers but for the following quilt they were perfect.

This particular quilt was for a teacher, who after 19 years of service at our school, was retiring.  She taught both my girls in their first year of "big school" which is a huge transition for the kids (and lets be honest, the parents too).

This quilt design started with a mood board.  It's my favourite tool to use when dreaming up a quilt for someone.  I think about their favourite colour.  I draw influences from the environment that surrounds them.  Their generation and personality.  I made the following moodboard so you can follow my train of thought.

The schoolhouse block was a must …

Rows of stacked coins … a nod to the time I was parent helper for maths lessons.

Soft wavy quilting representing the winds of change ...

Each detail made just for her … bundled up with love.

Some care instructions ...

And plenty of hugs ...

Just as it should be.


Wednesday, 15 January 2020

The Fires Bring New Life

It's almost poetic that my last blogpost was about the terrible fires in California, when now, as I type, many volunteers are labouring against fires that are exponentially massive in comparison, in my own county, Australia.

The compassionate response from within Australia and around the world has been heart warming.  Many people from all walks of life have been raising money for not only the antipodeans inhabiting this country but also for our precious wildlife whose homes are also being destroyed.

I think we should look to nature on how we rebuild and recover from this … even while fires are still non discriminately burning.

Wombats, unusually, sharing their burrows and sheltering other animals that would normally be unceremoniously shooed away. 

New shoots growing from the charred remains like bright green beacons of hope - mother nature showing us she'll fight on despite our neglect.

I've been working away for some time now in the background on a few hand sewing projects.

These flowers are beyond bright and are cheering me up.  Every block I finish is my new favourite and spurs me on to finish another.  

I'll leave you with this bright bunch of flowers I've completed so far …

… I hope they brighten your day.



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