Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Rainy Day Pillow

Instagram tells me that in November 2015 my oldest daughter was feeling down and so I kept her home from school.  In my wisdom, I decided to cheer her up by letting her play with my fabrics ... colour always cheers me up!  ... but guess what colour she chose to play with?


Colours and emotions really do go together don't they?

Sunny day shot in November

We had a little play, I sewed up the beginnings of a quilt as you go pillow for her ... that cheered her up and she was back to school the next day.  And so the half made pillow stayed half made ... until now.

Rainy Day shot in June!

We are calling it her "Rainy Day Pillow".  I love the tenderness displayed in the Sarah Jane print at the centre of the pillow.

Making this for my daughter has taught me that even kids need PJ days sometimes.  Life can get a little overwhelming and no amount of rainbow can bring on a smile.  It's OK to mellow in blues sometimes.  They soothe the mind, cool any anger and freshen you up for the day ahead.

Pillow Stats:
Size 17" square
Pillow front pattern by @quiltstorymeg for @lovequiltingmagine Issue 20
Fabrics on the front are a real mix ... lets play eye-spy for fabric lovers
Fabric on the back is Oval Elements by Art Gallery Fabrics
Enclosed zipper tutorial from Ms Midge, you can find it here.

Zip: Now you see it ...

Now you don't ...

My youngest daughter was feeling her normal happy self that day ... her choice of fabric was a lot more "festive" ... check out this for colour ... did that wake you up?

Time to sign off and start sewing her little masterpiece together too!


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Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Deer Rose Quilt

Whilst on a quilting retreat this weekend (I'll just drop that in now ... it was bliss ...)

I managed to get a few things sewn in-between gulping sipping wine, eating too much, sitting by the fire, singing along to a playlist of Queen, Savage Garden and Neil Diamond and, of course, sleeping ... so yes, a few things sewn ... but one thing finished (... new record ...)

This little retreat spot was the perfect place to take some pics of my finish in it's natural habitat ...

Quilt Deets
#deerrose on Instagram for progress shots
Size is 71" x 51" (to be precise)
Mustard fabric is Reprodepot #3 from Spotlight
Spring Rose background fabric is "Princess Rose" by Lecien
Backing is by Sarah Fielke
Binding is a butter-soft Japanese Linen purchased from Ava & Neve
Pixel pattern created from a cross stitch pattern found here
Straight line quilted.  First I quilted a straight line from corner to corner (diagonally) to make a large "x". Then I echo quilted, 1" apart, in and out of every "v" shape in the cross.  Hope that makes sense!  Here's an extra pic just in case it doesn't.

Photo shoot location

Dwellingyup Western Australia

One of the locals

My happy little customer

Thanks for visiting!

Serena x

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