Saturday, 18 April 2020

Because We Need Rainbows

Do you have one of those quilts that never seems to get finished, then one day the world as you know it goes BAM!! and the WIP is "called to duty"?

By BAM!! I mean Covid-19 ... there ... I typed it out loud.

I haven't wanted to write about it because it's everywhere.  But like sniffing the air as soon as someone says "oh, who farted?"  it's enviable that it would end up in a blog post.  We quilters do like to document history.

So a lot of us are working from home, teaching our kids from home and going a little stir crazy at times.  Daily walks are a good tonic. A lot of families are lifting each others spirits by getting the kids to put soft toys in their front windows and draw rainbow pictures to display and brighten everyone's day.

It just so happens that my WIP was rainbow themed ... so it was time to finish it and hopefully bring a little joy.

Instagram tells me that I finished the centre piece for my Round Robin quilt on the 11th June 2014.  It travelled through Australia and even popped over to New Zealand to have rounds added to it.  Our Round Robin group was called "Possum Magic" and it's contributor are: Carla, Jane, Rebecca, Alice, Jo, Wendy and Sharon.  Links to these lovely ladies

The quilt finishes at a whopping 82" square and is quite heavy ... just ask my little quilt holders!

I would like to thank each and every lady that contributed to this quilt for the effort they put in.  Some had to step way out of their usual colour palette or purchase fabrics that they would never usually purchase.  You see, our motto for these Possum Magic quilts was "do what's best for the quilt".  Sometimes this meant learning a new skill, unpicking a border, or fixing a "boob" like balloon so that the quilt sat flat for the next person.

We just tried to be kind, listen to what the quilt was telling us it needed and doing our best to have a positive impact on the quilt.  Words we can apply to each other in these times.

Let there be rainbows!



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