Tuesday, 31 March 2015

One Hour Basket

I happily stumbled across a fabulous tutorial on Instagram the other day ... I followed the links home to @kelbysews and found her blog where she's published the 1 Hour Basket tutorial ... and I'm so glad she did!

Most examples I've seen on IG for the use of this basket is to hold a mountain of FQ's ... and yes, I'll be making more for me for that exact reason ... but I needed this one to hold wool!

It fits 6 x 100g balls of wool perfectly

This basket has been made for my MIL - aka Nanny London - to send along with her latest wool order from Australia.  She is a fan of Patons and can't seem to find it locally in London ... and well, to be honest, I'm starting to find it hard to locate in Australia ... Spotlight used to have the full range.  Where are you Patons?  Your Big Baby Brand of wool has been clothing my daughters since they were newborns!  

A Nanny London cardigan is a must in our house when the weather turns cool ... for rolling on quilts when mummy is checking her quilting ...

and if it's cold enough to have a baby cino, then it's cold enough to wear a Nanny London cardi :)

So this basket, along with a bounty of wool, will be winging it's way to London very shortly.  My girls have grown out of the last instalment of cardigans and Autumn is upon us!

Happy Tuesday everyone!

Serena xx


  1. Great present! I'm going to have to make one for fabric, if I made a wool basket Wilbur would have his snuffly nose in the middle of it constantly. Fabric unless its in a plastic bag he leaves alone!

  2. Seems like the Hour Baskets are all the rage right now! Must get onto making one! But the thought of wool at the moment is not a good one - it is so hot and humid here! I actually need some for my boys to store their 'junk' in!

  3. I really need to give this basket a go! I have the Divided basket pattern from Noodlehead but I'm not brave enough to try it yet and this looks like a nice easy baby step...

    1. The divided basket is fine. I made one and am sure you can do it, Jo!

  4. Along with the sew together zipper pouches, I'm going to try to resist this trend and carry on with my very long list of WIPs. Congratulations on yours though, it looks lovely and I'm sure Granny London will love it.

  5. What a thoughtful gift! She gets to keep the basket.... Even though the wool will be sent back to you as cardigans. Lovely basket and adorable pics!

  6. You need to introduce Nanny London to the Bendigo Woollen Mills, but next time you are hunting for Patons, try ringing Yarns on Collie in Freo or Crossways in Subi.

  7. I love that basket, and the yarn in it!! Tell Nanny London to try Kemp's (http://www.kempswoolshop.com/wool_categories.aspx?SupID=2&fashion=false) and Black Sheep Wools (http://www.blacksheepwools.com/knitting-yarn/brand/patons.html) for Paton's yarn - they seem to have plenty! (I'm assuming she does 'shopping on the computer'!!)

  8. This basket is on my list of want to do! What a perfect gift!!!

  9. You always post such a cute pics! I'm going like oooh and aaah on your posts :)



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