Sunday, 15 March 2015

Sunday Stash - Online Fabric Colour Guessing Game

Lots of lovely fabric arrived this week!

I've been shopping on IG again ...

Rainbow Bundle of Cotton Couture from @polkadotteafabrics on Instagram

5" strips of rainbow lovliness

Destined for Hubby's Half Hexie Quilt

I also visited one of my favourite online shops too ..

A selection of AMH Honor Roll and Pretty Potent from Fifi's Fabricology

I love buying fabrics from my LQS as well ... but they don't always have the pre-cuts I'm after and my three year old with sticky fingers would rather be at a park.  So online shops do come in handy - especially if you don't need the fabric right away.  Although the service I've had this week in regards to quick postage has been amazing!

The only thing that bugs me about shopping online is that I really wish that more online shops would show a picture of the fabrics they are offering in natural light.

Am I the only one that finds it difficult to determine the exact shade/colour when shopping online? 

Why does that pastel mint green fabric on one site look aqua on another site?  A photo of the fabric taken in natural light would help me determine the colour better, especially when the name of the colour in the description is something arty-farty like "Misty Cloud".

So here's a little plea to the online shops out there ... I know you're flat out like a lizard drinking ... but please. oh. please ... display a picture of the fabric photographed in natural light, instead of (or as well as) the usual digital fabric swatch.  It would really help!

Serena xx

PS I have no affiliation with the stores mentioned in this post ... I just like shopping there :)


  1. Rainbow magic! I would love to get my hands on that AMH bundle! Its amazingly gorgeous! It amazes me how off some colors can be, but for the most part the fabric I have gotten is pretty right on.

  2. Great hauls. I picked up some Honor Roll earlier this year and now seeing your photo I'm kicking myself for not getting that yellow piece ... it looks amazing next to the yellow and green floral from Pretty Potent!

  3. The strips of rainbow loveliness are really stunning. As far as color matching goes, I think that is why I like Hawthorne Threads so much - they have done a wonderful job with their color matching tool on their website and I haven't been disappointed yet.

  4. Oh yeah, I can take rainbow any day :)

  5. I have not seen 5" strips before. Those would be a handy precut!!!! I can not tell you how many times I have ordered online and when I get it, it is not the color I thought it was!!

  6. Shopping online can be shopping locally, just not our own location. Perhaps it's better to think about shopping private or individually owned. It makes me feel a little better about my online purchases anyway. :)

  7. I was doing my own online shopping this week as well and almost bought the same jelly roll but opted for the pastel version instead. I will have a couple baby quilts to make 😉

  8. They could even just use the official fabric swatches (which some sites do). You'd think when they'd take a photo and upload it they'd notice "oh that looks nothing like the fabric we're trying to sell..."

    Good luck with that very muted pile of fabric :P

  9. Oh that rainbow is calling to me, but no, too many other projects to finish first. I totally agree with you about the natural light - one of my favourite shops is Sew Fine Fabrics because she does just that - photographs the fabric in natural light (and she has amazing postal rates to Aus!).

  10. The colour can also depend on your screen's colour calibration ... and the whole is-this-dress-blue-and-black thing.
    I have been known to email online shops and ask them stuff like, 'I have fabric A in my basket/stash at home and I need a cream (substitute any colour here) to match it. Which is closer in real life, fabric B or fabric C?' I always get helpful responses.

  11. The 5" rainbow roll looks wonderful! I completely agree about the whole 'what colour is this?' thing and often email the shop to ask which colour it is closest to on the Kona colour card - that way I know whether I'm getting aqua or blue or green!!

  12. Unless you have a calibrated monitor it won't help get an exact shade right even if taken in daylight - I'm always surprised by how different things can look compared to the Kona colour card I got for Stiched in Color's color intensive when described online. I previously bought azure and carribbean and still not the right blue!



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