Saturday, 21 March 2015

Possum Magic - Round 5

So before I start ... I'd just like to say that this border was a real b!tch to photograph ... I tried photographing it in morning light, afternoon light, indoors, outdoors, up against walls, on decking and even hubby had a go at holding it up for me (ahem) ... but I still couldn't capture on the camera what my eyes could see ... you just have to trust me when I say that the colours are are to die for and really beautiful in real life!

I got all nostalgic and soppy doing this quilt ... whenever I see Rebecca's online name "One Wee Bird" I just want to hug her (wierdo moment).  She may be a Wee Bird, but I reckon she could hold her own and I also reckon that wherever she flew in the world there would be a gaggle of geese or birds or potty-mouthed Sheila's ready and willing to pop a bottle of bubbles on her arrival and have a good ol' laugh ... so that was my inspiration for creating this compass type border.

I chose a mix of LV and plain fabrics to offset the aquas and greens

A simple layout of paper pieced letters for North, South, East, West (Never, Eat, Soggy Weetbix) ...

I used Just My Type Pattern by Quietplay to create the letters
... geese flying to all corners of the globe quilt.

I added some of my favourite bird fabric from Lush Uptown to the mix

... and diamonds as cornerstones ... a girl can never have too many diamonds!

As you can see, I reintroduced aquas and greens to the quilt ... and also added a flare of red and orange to the border for a bit of added interest.

On a Wall ...
On the Deck ...
Hubby Holding it Up ...
Delicately draped on the pool fence for an arty-farty pic ...

I give up photographing this border ... I hope you get the gist of the softness and story behind my efforts.

Rebecca's quilt is now in the very capable hands of Carla to work her Possum Magic :)

Serena xx


  1. Oh Serena, you've done so well and have sewed a story for Rebecca so perfectly. It suits her to a tea (or something that would put hairs on your chest perhaps!)

  2. Wow Serena! I love the border! And the story is beautiful! Geeat job!

  3. It is frustrating when a project does not translate well in a picture! The border looks fabulous and I know even more fabulous in person!

  4. I really love the compass directions you added in, and I can see the beauty in what you made!! Fabulous.

  5. The bright oranges and reds and shades of aqua really pop in your photographs. I think I have an idea of what colours to add in next!

  6. Beautiful efforts!!! I think you did it just right adding the low volume with the aquas and greens and the smattering of orange really pops!!

  7. I still use Never Eat Soggy Weetbix to remember which way round it goes!

    This definitely needed to the aqua back in and the little pops of it in the geese work so well!

  8. Another winning border, Serena! It looks fab and I always enjoy reading your process with these :)

  9. I love the geese and compass idea, looks great! I also really like the pops of color you added, it adds a lot of interest to your border, well done! :-)

  10. It's fabulous!

    P.S. It tends to be 'Never Eat Shredded Wheat' over here, which is also good advice as (like soggy Weetabix) it's grim. In fact, the only known way to make Shredded Wheat taste 'not grim' is to clart it in chocolate and make an Easter nest...even then cornflakes taste better!!

  11. It looks fabulous Serena! Love the colours.

  12. Well done Serena. It looks lovely and suit the central block so well. I guess you put that W in there to remind us Kiwis of you lot away over there in WA. The teals are all gorgeous and the quilt is looking great. I guess it's straight onto the next one now. They are getting harder as they get bigger aren't they.

  13. I love what you added, you guys are brilliant! Every round seems to be perfect for the quilts! Really like the compass directions!



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