Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Scrappy Needle Book

I'm continually amazed with what you can make from a pile of scraps.

Considering I'm quite scrap-phobic (arghhh clutter, clutter, clutter!) ... I've been trying to turn a new leaf and be more considerate of my scraps (because they have feelings).  Mostly I still toss them (gasp!), but slowly and surely, I'm beginning to use them.

I'm a member of the Perth Modern Quilt Guild and our latest growth spurt means there are a lot of new names to remember ... something I'm not good at!  So I was happy to join the Name Badge Swap.

I can only show you the back of the badge I made as my partner hasn't received it yet ...

Work in progress

I added a bit of the Free Spirit FQ Bundle tape to the back of her badge to remind her to be a free spirit when creating.  It's very easy to get hung up on all do's and don't s of quilting ... sometimes you just have to do what makes you happy.

I didn't stop at the badge though ... I decided to make my swap partner a little something extra with all of these beautiful scraps.

I decided to take my own advice and just make what made me happy ... and this little needle book is the result!

I used some more Free Spirit tape for the closure

My version of improv ... wonky ...

Some happy yellow dots for inside

... and I shared some of my new wonder clips from my latest Massdrop purchase :)

It was fun to try something new with scraps!  I'm not addicted to everything scrappy yet ... but I'm starting to gain a healthy appreciation of them :)

Serena xx


  1. Very nice Serena. I'm sure the new member will feel very welcome when she receives her name badge and the needlebook - especially with those bright wonderclips inside. We just have standard badges that live in boxes at our guild, but they are great to have because I'm terrible at remembering all the names.

  2. I have to smile (given that I've been a recipient of your generously given away scraps! ) Lovely needlebook case especially with the wonder clips - love them!

  3. Hi Serena :) I love reading your blog! yes, I had to gasp too when you said about throwing your scraps out. I too live in Perth and would be only too happy to have scraps to play with. at the moment I'm trying to learn how to use my machine (made a little more difficult thanks to my Hubby who seems to have thrown my manual in the bin!) and am teaching myself quilting. so far I have two VERY simple quilt tops which I'm yet to work up the courage to quilt. I love your little needle book! my grandmother used to quilt like that :)

  4. How cute! Scraps are also good for the outsides of the sew together bag too :). You should see my scrap bucket, it just keeps growing. This summer I plan to make a scrappy quilt to use them up.

  5. Such a happy, sunny badge!!! I have used scraps in bee blocks but have never made a whole project from scraps; this makes me want to give it a go!!

  6. Welcome to the scrappy dark side, Serena. Love the 'free spirit' message.

  7. I love scraps, and all things scrappy! As a limited-budget quilter, scraps are amazing...it's like they keep multiplying in my cupboard so I can always make something more out of them! Now if only pieces big enough to use for backings would do the same thing ;) Your needlebook is gorgeous...lucky partner.

  8. Look at you modern lady! I love you needle book, it's so pretty and scrappy! My scraps are all wrapped up snug together in a plastic snaplock bag. One day I'll set them free! Love love love those wonderclips...so colourful!



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