Friday, 24 April 2015

Work in Progress - Twins

There are two little twin girls on their way to this world (not mine - everyone relax!) due in 5 weeks so I have been squirrelling away on my first commissioned quilts.

The quilts are being commissioned by a friend of mine (who knows the brave mum ... twins - eep!) so I'm working on second-hand knowledge of what the mum likes and I need to balance what my friend has in mind ... after-all it's HER gift to the mother, not mine.

We all see and interpret colours differently, so when I was told that the nursery was going to be decorated in pastels; mostly pink, yellow and mint green ... I set about creating a collage of how I interpreted these colours and sent it to my friend to see if I was on the right track.

The colour palette is a winner - phew!

So next on the list is interpreting what kind of style she would like the quilts to be ... style ... yes, um ... no idea!  So a few more collages coming right up!

Geometric shapes ... patterned quilts?

Keep in mind that these are all examples from my Pinterest Boards

Nope, not what she was after ... ok ... well what about pictorial quilts?

Again, all these quilts can be found on my Pinterest Board

Yes, it's a winner!  This is the style she is after.

Now I have a good sense of colour and style and she also mentioned that the mum doesn't like anything too fussy ... so I'm left to come up with something within those parameters with a healthy dose of negative space.

Fabric shopping time!

A quick check in with my friend when I find these bolts of gorgeousness and the top two get the thumbs up, but the bottom one is coming across more aqua than mint green ... hmm finding this elusive mint green in pretty (baby appropriate ... don't ask!) fabric is tough.

I think I visited most Quilt Shops in Perth and the closest I could find was a Cotton + Steel fabric in their basics range.  No hardship there ... I love the feel of their fabrics, but the pattern on the fabric was too geometric for my friend.

Then I remembered this wonderful, perfect, most magnificent shade of mint EVER in Aneela Hoey's Posy range ... but could I still find the yardage I needed?

Just! ... and exhale.

And what have I made with all this fabric loveliness?

Deer pattern by Quietplay

Hedgehog free pattern found here

I've now quilted the two tops in matching variegated yellow and mint green threads .... oh! and just found a yummy stripy binding at my new LQS called Materilise ... I think I want to live there, just saying.

Happy Days!

Serena xx
PS My email is fixed now, so I look forward to being able to reply to you!


  1. You've done an amazing job so far Serena, so thoughtful and I love the colours. I'm so looking forward to seeing these finished!

  2. Oh Serena, so beautiful. Lucky babies. I love that particular Aneela Hoey range.

  3. I do like pastels but find them hard to work with sometimes - this is very sweet and perfect for the soft colours!

  4. Working with collages like that is a brilliant idea. And what a super lovely quilt... I hope it is well loved and received!

  5. such a brilliant idea to use collages to help your friend explain what she wanted. I am working on my first commissioned quilt and wish I had done this - I have absolutely no idea if it is what my friend envisioned! Your pictures of that Posy print make me want to sit browsing the online fabric shopping world trying to find some - it is just perfect!

  6. oh my, that is so sweet! I love the deer! can't wait to see it finished!

  7. The house move is not so traumatic with Materialise just around the corner, eh?
    In love with Bambi here! Can we nickname the hedgehog Sydney as the spines look a bit like the opera house?

  8. Thats one lucky momma-to-be to get those beautiful quilts. I'm sure she will absolutely adore them!

  9. Well what an involved process, you've done an awesome job and I'm looking forward to seeing the finished result. I wondered what those cute fawns were going to be used in when I saw them on Instagram.

  10. Very pretty colours. The Bambi looks adorable in those colours.

  11. I can't wait for the 'ta da' post for these quilts because I already love them!

  12. Beautiful work, I love that adorable deer! Thanks so much for linking up with TGIFF!



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