Wednesday, 21 August 2013

WIP - I've started something new!

Yes I know ...

I still have my Houndstooth Quilt to finish ... but in my defence I am getting quite the stack happening.  There's a reason why my unpicker features in front of the stack - hmm I wonder if you can guess why?

My mini boy themed humidicrib quilt to finish ... (it's almost there! I tried hand quilting around the clouds but my hand quilting skills were lacking finesse - so straight lines it will have to be) 

and the girly themed one ... (need to fill in the gaps, hand stitch the string to the heart balloons and quilt)

But these Tilda fabrics have been taunting me ...

and I just had to see how they would look in the blocks I have planned for them ...

They're called Artic Night blocks and are from a quilt pattern in Australian Homespun

There's a little girl that I know that loves elephants, so I thought I would mix a bit of Tilda with them to make the quilt a little more grown up?

Ohhh it's always exciting starting a new project!

I know, I know ... stop nagging!  I still have my MIL's quilt to finish before November - but I'll share more of that on Friday (promise).

Until then, I hope to see the projects that are distracting you from what you should be doing ... at WIP Wednesday.



  1. You are working on so many gorgeous projects! I love you mini quilt with the boys flying around on aeroplanes and those Tilda fabrics are so gorgeous. Your first photo made me laugh, unpickers can be a dominant feature sometimes.

  2. I totally get the "must start a new project thing!". Because guess what I just did last night. Yep New project. hehehe.

    Loving what you're working on - all so lovely!

  3. You have a lot of beautiful projects there.

  4. SO many fun project going on. I want to make a hounds tooth too!!!

  5. Love the Tilda fabrics, no wonder you want to start another project with them!

  6. I love your Tilda fabrics! And I agree - Starting new projects is always fun!!



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