Monday, 12 August 2013

It's Addictive

I've been without my sewing machine this last week (sharp in-take of breath!).  I think the sewing machine repair man saw the panic in my eyes and had my Brother back to me in a matter of days - phew!

So what's the first thing I do when he arrived home - safe, sound and very well oiled? (yes I'm still talking about my sewing machine).

I did some more Foundation Paper Piecing!

I've been warned about Kristy and her addictive FPP patterns :)

This time I tried her Paper Plane pattern to compliment the little house I pattern tested for her a few weeks ago now.

Good news! This pattern is now available in Quiet Play's Craftsy Store

I'm going to do some embroidery to bring out the lines of the paper plane a little more as I didn't have any different tones of white and/or grey to play with at the time ... but I couldn't wait ... like I said, I'm addicted.

I wonder if there is a FPP Anonymous?

Linking up with Quiet Play's FPP party.



  1. Oh paper piecing is a bit addictive! So glad you got your machine back safe and sound. Love the little paper pieced plane - it turned out just fab!

  2. Oh yes and there s a Flickr group called Addicted to Paper Piecing.



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