Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Modern Rainbow - Scattered Baby Quilt

We all know that I love a rainbow and it might surprise some that know me well here that my appetite for using scraps is growing.  Yes that's right, in my earlier days I used to bin scraps - gasp!  I know ... I'm trying to be better these days and it seems my efforts are paying off.

Introducing my new favourite scrappy quilt:  Scattered.

I can't take credit for the pattern or the name ... they are the genius of Rebecca Bryan and her book Modern Rainbow.

My scraps were not quite the dimensions required for the pattern, so I ad-libbed somewhat, that's the best thing about this pattern ... it suggests a certain style and gives you the freedom to play with scale and placement.

I used the Backyard Circus scraps from my last quilt for the most part ... and filled in the colour gaps with Ella Blue's Basics range.

They play so nicely together ... must be because they are from the same happy family.

Why yes, Quilt Police ... I do use selvages in my quilts ... especially when they are this cute!

You may have seen on Instagram that I had a few "Issues" with my walking foot ... so we just limped over the line to get this one quilted.  My Janome is such a trooper ... but still I didn't want to push my luck ... so some simple diagonal line quilting was the answer ... but still ... that texture ... I'm pleased with the outcome.

Well this quilt is now jetting over from Perth to Adelaide and will be hand delivered by my Fine English Fellow to it's forever home.

You're welcome to use my washing instructions found at the bottom of this post

I hope the recipients love it as much as I enjoyed making it for them :)


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  1. This turned out so beautifully, Serena! And I just love how you package up the quilt for delivery, that is a very stylish and professional package. <3 Why not use selvages when they are so sturdy and beautiful?

  2. I might have to send you some purple scraps from my bucket now that you have turned to the side of the force that embraces scraps! I don't keep selveges either but have seen some really lovely pouches using them that have me tempted! I love your label too - really thing this is brilliant to give with the quilt.

  3. Hi Serena! I love this lightful quilt! And I love happy colour scraps, so it's all here. Lately I'm fond of more light colours on quilts. Watching your quilt, I think that I need to make quilt with squares; something that I haven't done for ages. Thank you for idea! x Teje

  4. Oooh, I love a rainbow quilt! My latest post is about one, too, but it's not as sweet as yours. I love your label. That's a great idea!

    Tami @ sewmuchforfreetime.blogspot.com

  5. Oooh, I love a rainbow quilt! My latest post is about one, too, but it's not as sweet as yours. I love your label. That's a great idea!

    Tami @ sewmuchforfreetime.blogspot.com

  6. Oh it's so beautiful! Wonderful job. Lucky baby!

  7. Lovely quilt! I always wash my quilts right after binding them. I like the look and feel better than unwashed.

  8. what a lovely and calm rainbow quilt. and thank you very much for sharing your washing instructions. very generous!

  9. I was stationed at Naval Station Harold E Holt in Exmouth W.A. I visited Perth often. Wish I was a quilter then. I love your fabric and Australian quilting and embroidery patterns.

    1. Hi Barbara, that part of WA is very beautiful ... lucky you to have been stationed there ... I'd like to take my girls there one day. The clear blue waters meeting the red dirt is amazing :)

  10. Congrats on your lovely finish! Love it! Simple and effective!

  11. Love your patchwork, so pretty, especially love the lotus pond snails!

  12. This is a beautiful baby quilt, Serena. Do not be surprised if I shamelessly pinch the idea one day. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery and all that.



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