Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Aussie MQG Zipper Pouch Swap

I signed up to get to know another Aussie Modern Quilt Guild member (not in my Guild)  through the Aussie MQG Zipper Pouch Swap.

I've met a lovely lady who share's my love of AMH and Art Gallery Fabrics - zing!

She's also a huge fan of Improv ... uh, oh ...

Those that know me well around here know that  .... whilst I love and appreciate all things improv ... I lack the confidence to do it myself.

My inspiration: Clock-wise from top left on IG: @shecanquilt, Bag found on Pinterest here, @duringquiettime, @seekatesew

This ol' improv thing keeps cropping up, time to take the bull by the horns and just do it already!

Such gusto ... such confidence ... soooo never gonna happen.  Hmm what. to. do?

I've decided to fake it until I make it!  Yep!  Did you know that you can paper piece improv blocks?

Well I didn't until I stumbled across these blocks (which also happened to be on the information sheet that my partner gave me - palm to forehead).

Now paper piecing I. can. do!!

I also recently received a gorgeous bundle of Loominous by Anna Maria Horner and thought that these would be lovely fabrics to make the zipper pouch from ... and ... if I'm clever enough ...

I'm thinking that I'll be able to use some of the plaid and flying geese designs to my advantage improv-wise.  That's the theory anyway.

Circles featured heavily in my partner's info sheet too ... so I decided to make her a round zippered pouch.  Have you seen this pattern before?  When you zip it up it becomes a semi-circle.

I love it and I hope my partner does too.

Quilted with some big stitches

I filled it with some EPP goodies for her as she shares my love of that too.  I love how the pouch becomes a make-shift work mat when it's opened fully.

More circles on the inside (probably went a little mad)


Linking up at Sew Cute Tuesday and Finish it Up Friday

PS and look what I received from my partner ... clamshells!! Love!! Thank you Ginevra!


  1. Really like the big stitching - looks gorgeous! I love the improv paper piecing patterns - seems like a mad idea but very useful!

  2. Hi Serena! You made fantastic, improvised puch! I love the process how you created the circle and the half around pouch is super! You received also very beautiful pouch! x Teje

  3. What a fantastic pouch! I love how you used the fabric's print to appear like flying geese. I think you're working your way to improv ;)

  4. What a great pouch, love your improv paper piecing and the round shape. The fabrics are so pretty for this!

  5. Both look pretty cool! Well done both of you!

  6. Oooh! I love both what you made and what you received. What a great swap!



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