Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Possum Magic - Final Border on Riddle and Whimsy's Quilt

I recently had the pleasure of working on Jo's (Riddle and Whimsy) quilt for the second time.  One of our Possums has had to bow out due to bad health (sending soooo much love her way) so a few of us decided to step in and help with her rounds.

When I received Jo's quilt from Wendy (Wendy's Quilts and More) it looked like this:

More pictures of Wendy's border and process found here

Now, I'm not a huge fan of Improv ... there I said it ... but it does have my attention.  There are some Improv quilters out there that I really admire ... just don't ask me to do it, OK? I'll get all in a flap.

So imagine my OCD alarm bells ringing when I received this quilt.  It was all lop-sided in my head.  It's not you ... it's definitely me.  I had to make things "right" and finish this quilt off with a structured border.

A quick chat with Jo and it was decided ... let's continue the HST's all the way around the quilt.

Fabrics Selected
Happy Accident ... Fussy Cutting
Equilibrium is just one border of HST's away ... and ... little people's feet

There ... that's better!  I can sleep now ...

I forgot to measure the quilt before handing it to Jo, but it must be pushing 80" (almost) square.

... with only a slight twitch in my eye because I purposely made all the HST borders go in different directions - you can call that my nod to Improv.



  1. I love arrow blocks and this top is gorgeous. The broder uis exactt what it needs with thse fabrics. Great job!!!

  2. It looks wonderful and the HST border was a perfect choice!

  3. It keeps getting better and better! How sweet that you all pulled together and kept this going! Just gorgeous!

  4. It turned out beautifully, Serena, and I think a continuous structured border was just what it needed.

  5. Its incredible! you are a genius!

  6. looks great and it works to contain the vibrancy of this fab quilt too!

  7. Those are some gorgeous little hst's. How sweet of you to step up and help to get this quilt one step closer to the finish line!

  8. Beautiful! Just found your blog through the link to Blossom Heart Quilts and now following. Agree, that border brings the quilt together.

  9. Looking good! Well done ladies!

  10. I just love this quilt. It's got so much going on to keep your interest, but isn't too busy. Love

  11. I think you nailed it, especially on teh fabric choices.
    As for improv, I hear you, sister! I just made an 'improv' wonky star block for a bee. Don't tell anyone, but I planned the whole thing to make it look improv when really I had my notepad with sketched calculations and ruler beside me at all times. Shhhh!

  12. Love your addition! Frames the quilt nicely. Glad I am not the only one who .... isn't the biggest fan of improv .... also said it :)



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