Monday, 5 October 2015

Highlight - Lizzy House Down Under

"Dear Future Grandchildren,

Your Mothers, Great Grandma and I have had the most wonderful few days ever with Lizzy House!!  Who's Lizzy House you say?  Go and take a closer look at your quilts (that I'm yet to make you) ... her fabrics WILL have been sewn into them, I guarantee it!

Kings Park Happy Snap :)

We were very fortunate to have the truly lovely Lizzy House come ALL the way to Perth (seriously, no one comes here from the States ... you want me to travel how much further?  No way!  It took me about 20 hours on a plane just to reach the East Coast of your country ... you Aussies are crazy!).  I can't wait until that nanoo-nanoo transporter is invented.

I think that everyone that met Lizzy must have thanked her a bazillion times for making the extra journey to the West.

Hoping to inspire her next line of fabric (we like to aim high) we took Lizzy to explore Kings Park.  The botanical gardens contain some plant life that only exists in Western Australia and being Spring,  all of the wildflowers were in bloom.

Click here to go to Lizzy's IG account

Lizzy must have stopped after every two steps to take a picture of the flora on display.  We were so fortunate to see our park through her fresh eyes.

Of course she was here to share her Meadow quilt with us lucky ducks.

Your Great Grandma and I jumped at the chance to take the workshop.  I knew it was going to be a good day ... but, oh man, it was awesome.

The Meadow quilt has quite a few curved and circle pieces in it ... I was quietly packing my dacks about the curved piecing part (curved piecing and I are not besties) and your Great Grandma is only new to quilting.  Could we ever make this quilt?  Lizzy assured us we could, and you know what?

 After spending just one day with this inspiring lady ... we most certainly will.

Your Great Grandma and I have framed our Meadow Quilt test blocks ... and we'll pass them onto you one day.


Please treasure them.  Don't let them gather dust in the attic.  They contain an abundance of positive energy.  It was a very special experience to learn this quilt from such an inspiring, sharing, giving lady ... with a sense of humour that's right up my alley ...

Taking my Quilt holding duties very seriously ...

Lizzy House and my Mum (your Great Grandma also called Lizzy) laughing at the quilt holders (ahem ...) antics :)

I hope you get to experience a day like this is your lifetime!

All my love,

Nan xxx"


  1. Wow, it sounds like an amazing experience. I especially like that you got to see the local flora through her eyes. And it seems like she is a truly personable and wonderful lass, if she could be having such a great time with you. The smiles are contagious!

  2. Looks like it was a fantastic day! Looking forward to seeing your block/s. Wish I had been able to join you all :(

  3. what a wonderful experience - sounds like you had so much fun! Can't wait to see more of your meadow blocks :-)

  4. Absolutely love your words Serena. Beautifully written and expressed. Your grandchildren will adore your messages about the joy of creating and learning from such a generous teacher. Love. Janine x

  5. Looks like a great time was had by all!

  6. what a lovely post! thank you for sharing.

  7. so jealous! i loved her class on creativebug on fabric design. Looks like a brilliant laugh too!

  8. I am so happy that you tackled curves and had fun all at the same time! Huzzah!
    Can we dare Lizzy to design a kangaroo paw inspired fabric, do you think? That is a truly weird shape! Or maybe Master Monty could model for her next cat fabric range? He is a very attractive cat, and I see potential for him as a feline model.

  9. Those curves look scary you did such a great job and looks like you had a blast! Very jealous of your day with Lizzy and that she got to go to Australia. Some day ....



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