Friday, 7 August 2015

Sewing Travel Kit

I first stumbled across this tutorial whilst mindlessly trawling Pinterest ... I quickly pinned it to my Sewn Gift Ideas board and moved on to the next shiny thing ... or so I thought.  You see this little project has not left my mind.  I kept daydreaming about it and the only way I could get it off my mind was to make one!  That ever happen to you?

But how to "fit" the project in?  I decided to take the #sewtake20 route ala Night Quilter.  What a difference this blog post has made to my sewing life! Well actually, if I'm honest, my whole life, but this isn't a self-help blog, so I'll just leave that comment hanging.

The first 20 minutes saw me sewing a mini charm pack together.

The second and third (and possible fourth) lots of 20 mins saw me adding some rudimentary chunky hand quilting.

and I continued on much that way until the whole kit was finished!

I mostly followed the tutorial, but I did do a few things different to suit my supplies and mood.

1. I chose to make the thread holder out of ribbon - mostly because I don't like sewing small pieces of velrco, but also because I love a sweet bow.

2. Ribbon was also my 'material' of choice for the tie ... for the same sweet bow reason above.

3. Because I used a mini charm park to make the outer fabric (meaning I was using 2.5" squares when the dimensions only required 2" squares) it ended up being too big and I had to trim it down to the correct size.  I decided to use these trimmings to edge my pockets instead of another contrasting fabric as suggested.  I really like the look of the pieced edges BUT it was a pain to top stitch over the seam allowances.  I suggest using a walking foot if you go down that route, it will save you unpicking ugly stitches like me!

4. I pieced together some scraps from the outer fabric and grey fabric inner pockets to create the scissor pocket.  Again, because of the pieced seams, it was hard to iron under the seam allowance to top stitch.  So to get around this I sewed the scissor case to some scrap fabric (right-sides-together), left some room for turning through.  Then I ironed the opening closed and top stitched it to the inside of the case.

5. Finally, because I'm lazy ... and because it matched so well ... I used some left over binding from these quilts to bind the sewing kit.  I wouldn't do this again.  I cut my binding strips 2.5" wide, which I find great for quilts, but in this case I would stick to the tutorial which suggests 2 or 2 1/4" wide ... unless you are feeling lazy me.

As this sewing kit is a gift I filled it with some extra love ... 2 spools of Aurifil, some lovely little snips (I tied some of the spool ribbon on the end to make it easier to access the scissors from the pocket and also so that you can see that those scissors belong to that kit ... anyone else have specific scissors for each kit, or is it just me and my OCD?).

I also included the leftover mini charm squares from the pack along with some 1' hexie papers, some cute pins and a touch of Merchant Mills.

I think I've used up all of my "sweet" yearly quota making this little gift ... I'll go back to being a bogan now :)


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  1. I love how the quilting community inspires us all, and I am so excited that the #sewtake20 idea has been so wonderful for you. This is a gift? What a lucky recipient!

  2. What a great little project! Whoever receives it is going to love the time and care that went into making it.

  3. It's lovely! I'm sure the recipient will love it.

  4. I love this pretty little sewing kit. I'm a sucker for hand quilting. Yours looks great. I think it's wonderful the sew take 20 has been an inspiration for your life as well as your sewing. Sounds very positive.

  5. that looks lovely Serena. I did something similar with a gussetted clear pocket one side. Love the pocket so much I will do the next one with two I think... I just need to remember how the heck i did it.

  6. I went and pinned this tutorial after seeing you post this on IG! I love it!

    Not planning a flanno quilt, are you? You could back it in some old grungey tshirts and a bit of denim ;)

  7. So very pretty. I love making little needlebooks/sewing kits.

  8. You are going to have to translate 'bogan' for the non-Aussies!
    Having seen this in person, I know just how pretty it is. It is funny that you and I were thinking of similar sewing kits at the same time. However, thanks to take 20, you have actually started and finished yours. Mine is still no more than a half-formed idea.

  9. Oh fresh cut this is perfect! Love how the hand quilting makes the top pop!

  10. Yay! I'm so glad you're taking your #sewtake20 by storm! It's amazing what can be done in little steps, and this is a perfect example. Your sewing kit is adorable! I love the ribbon on the end of the scissors to make them easy to grab. It all is just so cute, and finished! <3 I'm so happy to hear I helped inspire you to take 20 for yourself each day! Keep it going! <3

  11. Ah its really lovely and i love the handsewing. Just gives it a really something extra. Now i want one - off to follow your pinterest board!

  12. I have had this pinned for a long time too! Super sweet - I am starting to think that pretty suits you!!



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