Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Purple Sofia Hell

I'm not quite sure what I did to deserve this ...

There I was, perusing the shelves of a local chain fabric store with my soon to be 4 year old in tow ... when I hear the following words ...

Miss almost 4: "Sofia! Sofia!  Look Mummy, it's Princess Sofia!"

To my utter horror, she had found a whole bolt (because no-one else wants the stuff) of Princess. Sofia. PURPLE. fabric ... fabrics Gods have mercy on me!

Far out ... the kid had found her fabric utopia ...

Miss almost 4: "Can we get a Fat Quarter Mum?"

If it wasn't for that fact that I was so proud that she remembered what a Fat Quarter was, I would have had the faculties to say "No, not this time"

... but by now other customers were staring at me, no doubt suitably impressed by her quilting vocabulary, that I said "yes, sweetheart, of course we can" .... (palm to head).

{Audible groan} what to make with this stinking stuff?!

Well Miss 4 knew exactly what she wanted, and when I figure how to make the purple thing I'll let you know!



  1. The purple thing is coming along nicely. Isn't being a mommy fun?

  2. That story has me laugh a lot!! You will have one very happy girl on your hands.

  3. I am so impressed that she knew what a fat quarter was - you really couldn't not buy it after that!! You are going to be the best mummy in the whole world :-)

  4. It looks like the purple thing is coming along pretty well. I hope it finishes quickly and you have a very happy little miss. :)

  5. Guessing what it is... She deserves it just for know what a FQ is!!!

  6. Preschoolers do tend to be decisive. Best of luck with your purple thing.

  7. Oh, we haven't seen Sofia for a while, lol. You'll do well with this hell. I love it! :)

  8. I really should not laugh so hard at your suffering. Really. I should not.

  9. Thats so funny, FQ buy a whole yard! I would say go with a pillow case and call it a day :) Good luck.

  10. I have no idea who Princess Sofia is and no, I don't want to know ;o)

  11. Awww.......what a beautiful story. Your four year old is a star! Not only does she know a fat quarter, but she knows what she wants and she knows you can make it!! What an amazing little girl! What an amazing momma!
    BTW, i like Patch the Giraffe's idea of a pillow case. If you decide to go back and get some more Sophia fabric for a pillow case, let her know it is because of Patch and Grandma Weez!



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