Wednesday, 13 August 2014

WIP - Possum Magic - Round 1

Much indecision, much trepidation and maybe an ulcer has been happening around these parts ... 

I'm not good at working on other people's work ... it scares me ... what if, what if, what if?  But finally I sewed.

Possum Magic Round 1

Let me step you through my thoughts when I first saw Jo of Riddle and {Whimsy}'s centre block:

Jo's block

"Omigoodness its beautiful, so very cool" ... then ... "oh crap, it's a rectangle! What does an engineering draftsperson (read OCD, everything must be balanced and equal, freak) do with a rectangle?!"

Then a pep talk to myself "OK, calm down, have a cup of tea and maybe a biscuit" ... freak out again ... repeat tea and biscuit.  So I've gained a few pounds, but I think my nervous energy should burn those off!

I started trawling Pinterest and created a 'mood mosaic' ... Feathers? No, too soon.  Delectable mountains? Hmm, maybe.  Chevrons or herringbone mimicking the feathers on the arrow? No, this rectangle is really bothering me! 

Clockwise: Herringbone wallpaper, delectable mountain block, paper pieced feathers, arrow fabric

Finally I decided that I was going to have to square this baby up.  It meant only adding two borders, but it also meant that I could move on. 

I sketched up an idea ...

Only the best sketching equipment used here ...

Then I found this arrow pattern and chose my fabric ... Wood-grain for the arrow stems and some lovely Shimmer fabric for the arrow heads.

A little while ago Jo kindly gave me some of her AMH scraps and now I'm gifting them back!  That's how it works, right?

I didn't have the same background fabric as Jo used for her arrow and I kind of wanted to use a different one anyway to define the border.  It's a subtle difference, granted, but enough I think and I know that Jo likes this fabric from the Littlest Range by Art Gallery Fabrics

Metallic arrow head

AMH feathers
So there you have it!

Zipping off to Carla next to work her magic

I've sent a "this isn't good enough I need more time!" panic email to Carla of Granny Maud's Girl - who will be adding the 2nd border. I've threatened to unpick the lot ... but thought I would write this post and sleep on it go on holiday to Melbourne first ... so if you're reading this post, then I was happy upon returning from holiday (thanks mum).  

Indecision is such a killer!  If anything this Possum Magic Round Robin is forcing me kicking and screaming teaching me to be more decisive ...

... maybe.

Serena xx
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  1. I don't know why you doubted yourself- your additions are perfect! I love the metallic arrowhead! I am looking forward to seeing these grow! Carla will work more magic too!

  2. That works really well! I admire your persistence and I really like your sketch. Breaking up the arrow is really nice and they look like a whole burst of them in flight.

  3. I love what you have done. It would definitely scare me, having to work on someone else's quilt.

  4. I think it looks awesome!! Love how you added to the design and the fabrics are so perfect! Gorgeous :)

  5. It's great, but I'm glad I'm not next. I wouldn't know what to do after that but I'm sure Carla will think of something great. Very clever ideas and great execution.

  6. Your piecing is so precise - it looks great! Visiting from Freshly Pieced.

  7. I always thought it was good enough, but I knew you needed to be happy too. Now, I had better sit down with tea and biscuits and think. Perhaps I should make it asymmetrical again! Maw ha haa!
    I love the metallic arrowhead and real wood-grain shaft!

  8. I love it, don't hesitate just go for it!

  9. Looks great! Nice addition to the theme, while making it yours! Beautiful fabric choices, too!

  10. I think it turned out great! Your choice of fabrics are fantastic and it adds a lot of interest to the whole block.

  11. so brilliant! So hard to second guess what others would like, but I love your additions :-)

  12. Jo is certainly a trouble maker. :D I think you did a great job tackling the engineer inside and the borders look perfect. Like that was the plan all along. And the choice of fabrics is fabulous! :D

  13. Your modifications to this design are awesome! Can't wait to see the progress!

  14. It is fabulous! Its hard not to doubt yourself, but you worked through it and it turned out great!

  15. Oh, I think that your work is wonderful. The wood grain fabric for the arrow shaft is perfect, and I *love* the sense of movement your arrows give the center block. It is like a whole flock of arrows are frozen in the air and you only have time to focus in and really see the center arrow. Beautiful!

  16. its perfect Serena!!! way to find your way back into your comfort zone ;)

  17. Looking good and do feel your pain :) It is the reason I don't do bees and other things.

  18. What you added is perfect. I really like it!

  19. Wow! I never would have guessed extra arrows!! Awesome addition! Now I see what that teeny tiny piecing you showed me was ;)

    And I loved how you added some more wood grain and that shimmer fabric is awesome!!

    I sent Sharon's today so maybe you'll get it tomorrow. That one is square ;)

    (Tell Sarah I said shush!!!)

  20. I love how you added the flowing arrows, perfect fit !

  21. It came out great! Sounds like Jo likes it too! I know that feeling about working on other people things, even making quilts for someone else, you just hope and pray they like it and fits their individual style. This looks like a winner :)

  22. Love it! I think it came out great!

  23. It's looking great! I love those arrows.

  24. I love what you did! No worries--it's awesome



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