Wednesday, 8 January 2014

WIP - Quilts Interrupted

Let's face it, MiL's quilt took up a fair chunk of time last year ... when I found out that she was coming to stay for Christmas 2013, I dropped everything.  Now that we are in the new year - yarda, yarda, yarda - it's time to pick everything up again.

So where was I?

Well I have a Houndstooth quilt to complete piecing - probably a 1/4 of the way through ... time for Michael Jackson's infamous song to start jogging laps in my brain again - can't wait for that (note sarcasm).

"It doesn't matter if you're black or white ..."

Then I have a little one's elephant quilt to make with a touch of Tilda added to Madam it up.

There are some projects that I'm dying to get started.

The Sew Kitschy BOM at Quiet Play - the January block has already been released and I'm yet to buy fabric for it - oh the pain of shopping for fabric ... hand wistfully rests on one's forehead.

I have a pillowcase or two in mind for this cause:

Also my daughter is about to start "Big Girl's Kindy" - at the tender age of 4 she'll be trotting off to school (note to self to stock up on tissues).  The school has requested that each child brings a small pillow to use during "quiet time".  My daughter has requested a unicorn pillow.

"Just like this one Mum, but it MUST be pink AND purple" - coming right up kiddo!

I haven't joined any bees this year, but I have put my hand up for some testing so that should keep me busy along with my Farmer's Wife blocks of course.

I've hand pieced two more since my last post:

Block 65 "Peaceful Hours" .. "peaceful" my arse .. but it did take lots of "hours" so half the title is right.  Still, it's done and done it shall stay.

Block 65 "Painful Hours"

What a shocker - maybe this one will fall down into that dusty place between my sewing table and the wall, never to be found again

The next one was a much friendlier block to make:

Block 75 "Rosebud" - Squint your eyes to make the points in the middle meet :)

So that's two more for the progress chart:

Phew!  That lot should keep me busy for at least the first half of the year ... but I'm sure I'll manage to squeeze in some other projects too ... now who can I get to clean my house so I can fit in some more sewing?



  1. There's so much loveliness to comment on! I love the houndstooth! LOVE the houndstooth. And the elephants! And the FW blocks! So much awesomeness! :)

  2. I have a houndstooth I want (need) to make and have been dragging my feet getting started - tell me it's easy!

  3. I LOVE the houndstooth. So graphic and sharp. I say when Michael Jackson invades your head, crank it up and have a dance party! :)

  4. You have lots of fun projects going and yet to be started ones too! I love the black and white houndstooth!!

  5. You're going to be busy!! That houndstooth is so striking! You are such a great mum to be able to whip up a pink and purple unicorn!! It cracks me up that you renamed that block to Painful Hours!!

  6. Oh my gosh! I am in love with the unicorn pillow! I'm sure the purple one for your daughter will be incredible!

  7. Ooh you have some great projects planned! Love that another unicorn project is underway! ;)

    The houndstooth project is looking so fab too!

  8. I'm still looking for the perfect fabric to make a houndstooth quilt. One of these days. I absolutely adore the unicorn pillow.

  9. Wow, I am in love with your houndstooth quilt! Your unicorn quilt is pretty much the best thing I've seen all day! :) Thanks for sharing!

    I am giving away a fat quarter bundle on my blog this week. I would love for you to stop by and enter! Happy New Year!

    Inspiring Creations Giveaway

  10. That's tackling some projects. I love that unicorn. I haven't done the first pattern either from Quiet Play. I did download it. Love your fm blocks and houndstooth quilt.



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