Thursday, 16 January 2014

Pretty Please!

Dear Mr Fassett ... may I call you Kaffe?

Today is my birthday and I shall not divulge my age as it's not lady like and neither is begging, but here goes:

Just this morning my lovely husband gave me the opportunity to apply to attend your Shadow Pinwheel Workshop on the 27th February, here in Perth, Western Australia.  This would mean him taking a day off work and looking after our two small children - no small feat.

Upon calling eagerly to Handcrafters House to secure a place I was told that your workshop for 20 people was already full and that I would be the 16th person on the waiting list.

As my birthday is on the 16th and I'm the 16th on the waiting list I thought this may be a divine sign (yes you can laugh out loud now)  and perhaps you might kindly consider extending your stay in Perth for a 2nd workshop for all of us on the waiting list?

This is a big ask ... but I've been practising the correct pronunciation of your name (see here) and I would love to use it!

Yours Sincerely, 

Serena of Sewgiving
(number 16 on the Perth waiting list)

PS I clearly don't get out much, but this little note was worth a try, right?


  1. I have my fingers crossed for you. I'm doing the Shadow Pinwheel workshop in Sydney and it would be so fun if I knew you were going to do it too, on the other side of Australia.

  2. Here's hoping you get in! Fingers crossed for you.

  3. Good luck! I've had a look and he doesn't seem to be on Twitter or I would have tweeted the link to him. Here's hoping he sees this and lets you on the course!

  4. Here's hoping, surely, surely he couldn't say no to this letter?

  5. Fingers crossed! And a big happy birthday to you!

  6. Happy belated birthday! Hope you had a lovely day.



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