Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Now on Instagram!

I'm trying to keep up with all these new ways of connecting and sharing.

I've mastered Pinterest and am loving it ...

Click on this picture to view my boards or use the button on the right-hand-side

This post from Alyce and a recent conversation with Gemma from Pretty Bobbins has nudged me in the direction of Instagram.

So I downloaded it - signed up - let out a squeal crossed with a squeak - and immediately text (because I know how to do that too) my little sister who is very groovy and 14 years my junior.  Yes, I know, she's still young enough to go clubbing - lucky thing.  She knows all things about social media and bless her little cotton socks she is coming over tonight to give her 'Nanna' sister a lesson or two on this Intagram bisso.

Not quite sure what I do with this Instagram thingy - but I'm sure my sister will show me the way!

But here's my first post:

I look forward to seeing you over there :)

Update: my Instagram ID is @sewgiving



  1. You didn't tell the world your Instagram name so we can follow you!

    1. See? I'm such a young player at this stuff - it's @sewgiving



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