Tuesday, 22 October 2013


I'm a quote person - I love them.

One of my favourites was said (well, I wasn't there to say for sure) by Virginia Woolf and it goes "Some people go to priests; others to poetry; I to my friends"

Block 39 "Friendship" - Farmer's Wife

Friends are really important to me at the moment.  I rejoice in a text, phone call or friendly knock on the door. Being housebound is dampening my ALL important social life!  

Block 40 "Friendship Block" - Farmer's Wife

My husband has been a bit perturbed by the amount of cooked dinners arriving at our house.  He said something strange to me the other day when another cooked dinner was dropped off. He said "Don't they think I can cope?" - I was baffled by his question - "Of course they think you can cope", I replied, then I added "It's just what friends do". Men are definitely from Mars!

Block 41 "Friendship Star" - Farmer's Wife - looks like a Ninja Star to me!  Yer, I don't get out much ...

So with all this in mind it's no wonder I was drawn to the three "Friendship" blocks of the Farmer's Wife to hand sew next.

4 down ... 107 to go!

The subconscious works in amazing ways ... now I have to phone my friends and tell them :)



  1. You are making great use of being on bed rest; amazing to finish up another 3 blocks. They are all so pretty!!! Friends are the best!

  2. Ooooh, I LOVE the Friendship Block!! That fussy cut centre is just perfection! Hope you're on the mend x

  3. Hi bloggy friend! I love your blocks!! Your fabric choices are so wonderful!! It's good to know you've got friends looking after you and visiting you.

  4. LOVE the fabric in your blocks...great job.

  5. Looking amazing! Love the fabric choice. Must get that book!

  6. I am actually hand piecing a block this week too. Not sure If I'll continue this way but I thought to do a sampler and hand piecing is something I can pick up here and there. Totally forgot how to do it, too. Like re-learning something I've not done for ages and ages. Backstitching constantly as I am obsessed with worrying about it staying together, lol

  7. Wow! Really great blocks! I am in love with that fabric! I've never hand pieced a block before, you've inspired me to try it out! :)

  8. Fabulous blocks!! Visiting from Sew Cute Tuesday on Blossom Heart Quilts. If you're housebound I'm guessing you're not at your fittest - do hope you're mending and are up and about soon!

  9. THIS explains why I have seen "Farmers Wife " on several blogs recently! :)

  10. This is just cray-cray! Hand sewing madness. And I adore it! #Mollisparklesapproved

  11. Your blocks are so pretty! Love your fabrics. I so admire that you are sewing them by hand!



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