Sunday, 30 June 2013

Warning! No Colour Zone

My order of Prima Homespun black and white fabrics have arrived in the post ... all 7m of it ... hence the online order.  I don’t think my kiddies would be patient enough at the cutting table for this lot.

7m I say!
I don’t think I’ve ever bought that much fabric in one hit before?  Have you?

Another thing I don’t normally do is wash my fabrics before I use them – but – I think in this case I might have too as I’m worried that the black will bleed into the white.
For those that do wash their fabrics … do you use soap powder and softner? Or do you just wash with plain water?  You’re advice is greatly appreciated!
Now to start my plan of attack to finally make this.

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  1. Oh, have fun! I wash all my fabrics before use and often put them in with other washing so use powder (well, liquid!) and softener (plus several colour catcher sheets). If I'm just washing fabric I miss out the softener but still use a colour catcher sheet or two - that way I can tell how much dye has been lost, if it's a lot then I sometimes wash again...

  2. I never prewash, call me lazy. Is this for a project or just stash? I heart black and white with a pop of color.

  3. I am afraid that i do not prewash either. But use a colour catcher on the first wash when it is done. Snap with the black and white Prima purchases this week.



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