Sunday, 18 October 2020

Baby On Trend - The Baby Shower Quilt

I was given Tied With A Ribbon's debut fabric line to play with recently and, well, I'm pleased to say that it pepped up my creative slump.  

The Baby Shower Quilt

The Baby Shower Quilt

I think it was the Woodland colourway that did the trick.  It has such a calming effect.

What I love the most about this range is the panel.  Words I thought I would never say about a fabric range - I usually sneeze (aaaaahh-chooo) if anyone puts a panel near me ... sorry panel lovers.  

But when the panel makes me look good (I'm so vain). 

With minimal effort (and lazy). 

Who am I to turn my nose up? (cross snobby off the list).

When I published this little cot quilt on Instagram I got a few messages to ask if I was selling a pattern.  I hadn't expected that reaction as it's such a simple (and quick) little sew - thanks to that panel.  

So I thought I would whip up a quick little tutorial in this space and just share, share, share.

I'm using the word "tutorial" ... but really it's a little mud-map of cutting instructions.

I know that you clever sewing peeps out there would grasp the rest!

So rules of engagement:

1. All measurements are in inches

2. Always use a 1/4" seam

3. Measurements are cut sizes - not finished.

4. Fabric are:

Woodland Panel

Green Trellis

Woodland Triangle

Woodland Stripe

Yellow Trellis

5. "BG" means Background in the Mud Map below

6. Follow the Mud Map below:

You're welcome to share your makes on Instagram using #thebabyshowerquilt

Here's where you can find links to the fabric



PS big thanks to my hubby for squeezing his 6ft frame behind a baby quilt for these pics!

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  1. Beautifully written, (wink) your quilt has inspired me out of my sewing slump. Thank you Serena :)



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