Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Back to School - Library Bag

My youngest has just started full time school ... as a "big kid" in the "big school" she is now trusted to borrow books from the school's library.

As I made her older sister a Library Bag at the same age, I offered to make one for my youngest too ...  Without blinking an eye she rattled off her requirements:

Lots of colour
It must have my name on it Mum
and Frogs!  I definitely need frogs.

OK ...

I think I ticked all the boxes!



Today was the first day of school ... I hope they are having a good day ... I may or may not be watching the clock because I can't wait to see how their day was ... and I may or may not be missing them ... like a lot (gulp)


  1. I think you nailed all the requirements. I hope they had a wonderful first day! xx

  2. That is a fabulous library bag. Beautiful and bright.

  3. What little cuties (and so much like you!). I love that your little knows *exactly* what she wants and isn't afraid to tell you. I'm betting they had a fabulous day at school and are raring to go back - at least for this week ;-)
    E xx

  4. I was wondering where the frogs were.... Love that they are all inside! Your girls are absolutely adorable. How did their day turn out? And how about yours???

  5. You hidden those frogs well :) Neat bag!

  6. I bet you got extra big hugs and happy stories of their first day at school. It such a fun library bag. I love the surprise garden of frogs on the inside.



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