Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Tooth Fairy Coin Purse

Today was an exciting day ... our oldest daughter's first baby tooth fell out - eek, ack, gag - exciting!!!

I started planning this little coin purse the moment she felt her tooth getting wobbly.

My daughter picked out her own fabrics ... Lizzy House as the feature fabric ... what can I say?  The girl is still star struck from our day in Kings Park with Lizzy.  

Some Art Gallery Paperie (designed by Amy Sinibaldi) for the lining.

We decided that the baby teeth needed a safe place in the coin purse so I made a little "tooth pocket" to go inside and embroidered some closed eyes with some DMC thread (two strand thickness)

I purchased the cutest ever Candy Ball purse frame from here

Here's how it was looking before the "frame wrangling" began ...
Front: Outside
Looking inside from the front

Now all I had to do was work out how to sew the frame in ... well I knew how to sew it in, but holding it in place and centred, without using glue was proving to be a bit of a pain in the &^%$## ....

So I did what all frustrated quilters do when stumped ... had a cup of tea ... ate half a pack of chocolate biscuits and ... asked Google for the answer.  

Luckily Google came up with the goods before I managed to stress eat the remaining half pack of chocolate biscuits ... Use basting stitches to secure it first!  Duh! Here's the post that helped with that light bulb moment.

Finally a result!


I used metallic Aurifil Brillo #517 ... aka tooth fairy dust thread ... to hand sew the frame to the body of the purse ... not my finest moment of hand sewing ... but my daughter loves it all the same!

Advert your eyes if gappy smiles make you squeamish!

Tooth Fairy time!!


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  1. Oh, how adorable! Those Tooth Fairy years are precious, and they go by so fast. Enjoy them!

  2. I love the big snap closure; it does look like it must have been tricky to get put together!

  3. The little purse is simply adorable, Serena. And so is your sweet daughter! Now just what does the Tooth Fairy do with all the teeth she gathers?

  4. Cute!!
    That's a good point about holding it in place. I forgot how I held my last purse frame still as I sewed. It might have been pins and trying not to stab myself as I sewed.
    I almost popped by your place on the way home today to drop off the Orlando blocks (letterbox if you were out), but I forgot and made the wrong turn. :(

  5. She is so cute, it is such a wonderful age. She has good taste in fabrics too :)

  6. What a gorgeous receptacle for teeth - and it will actually hold the money that the Tooth Fairy brings ... unlike some of the smaller ones we have!!



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