Tuesday, 5 January 2016

The Circle Box

So these were fun to make!  I do like projects that I can sew by hand whilst watching our girls bounce happily on the trampoline outside, especially when they are so cute and useful ... the boxes I mean (cheeky!).

Made with Cotton + Steel Fabrics

Made with Tiger Lily fabrics

I ended up making three in total.  All in the smaller size ... the pattern (go get it, it's a good one) has two sizes to choose from.

Here's the last one ...

Fabric is Chic Neutrals by Amy Ellis for Moda

My daughter had a say in the fabrics, as they were her teacher's gifts.  We filled them with choccies and picked some roses from our garden to decorate the wrapping.

Master Monty "helped" as well ... he recommended filling them with cans of tuna ... we had to remind him that these gifts weren't for him, hence his slightly put-out expression.

We are not amused

We are currently enjoying summer school holidays here ... so far we've filled our time with a lovely beach holiday to our South West, plastic jewellery kits, sun baking with Master Monty, trips to see baby farm animals and jumping around on bouncy castles ... and we still have 4 weeks to go!

Now, if only my immune system wasn't on holiday too ... I've had three illnesses in six weeks!

Come on body ... this Mumma wants to have some FUN with her kids!

"Fun" is my word for the year ... I'm going to own it like a Boss.

Hope you are healthy and happy in your part of the world!?

Happy 2016!


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  1. Love your Tiger Lily box.
    Have a great new year!!

  2. Hi Serena, I hope you get/stay well! You all look so cool with the sunclasses - here the kids have winter holidays! I really like the boxes you have made! Thank you for inspiration! x Teje
    ps. my new address is: www.nerospostbox.wordpress.com

  3. I'm so sorry to hear you have been sick so often lately. I hope 3 is the charm and you are healthy from here out! The boxes are so cute and lovely, and I bet the teachers adored them (and the chocolate). ;)

  4. Cute boxes! Hope you're feeling much better soon, so you can enjoy some FUN!

  5. Poor Monty, missing out. The boxes are fantastic, portable hand sewing, even better. Hope your health improves. Here's to a sewperfastic 2016.

  6. I hope you are feeling better! All the best for 2016 and have fun!

  7. I am so very glad for the teachers' sake that you overruled Monty's tuna suggestion.
    All three are beautiful, but I particularly adore the cats and flowers combination.
    I hope this is the end of your illness run.

  8. Hope you feel better soon! These are really cute and I love the photos on your header and side bar!



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