Friday, 16 January 2015

Possum Magic - Round 4 - The Pretty One

Hello Possums!

If you've read my 'About Me' page you'll know that I'm not a 'pretty, pink loving, girlie" type of girl.  My daughters are teaching me to be better at it (for their sakes), but I'm more comfortable in black than any shade of pink.  You'll never find flowers on my clothing and if you do ... well ... I'd have to get you to sign something solid to lock that photo down!

Gosh these quilts are getting harder to photograph!

That's not to say that I don't appreciate pink and florals in all their glory - hello Liberty - but it's not always my first port of call.  Maybe one day that will change ...

If you follow me on IG (@sewgiving) you'll know that I had a serious case of 'wobbles' working on Alice's quilt.  It's so pretty (there's that word again) and the work that had been done on it so far by Wendy, Sharon and Jo was delicate and soft and oh so beautiful ... it did not need me clob-hopping (think bull in a China shop) all over it!

I had an idea (read: Liberty Butterflies) but it needed toning down and I needed a gentle hand to guide me.  Thank goodness fellow Possum Carla lives 10 mins drive away.  After a quick visit and a glass of sparkling ... water ... I had a clear plan.

Windy Stained Glass shot

I made my own paper pieced pattern, using Autocad, to create a 5.5" finished butterfly and alternated 5.5" finished squares of Michael Miller Cotton Couture solids in cool pastel shades.  I would use the warm colours for the bodies of the butterflies - sorted!  I got mine from Polka Dot Tea Fabrics. *No affiliation*

The lovely Liberty fabric was sent to me by Deborah all the way from Indonesia!   It's printed on Japanese Cotton and has the most beautiful feel to it.  I used all 3 colourways for the butterfly wings.

Thank you Deborah!

I think I've managed to keep the tone of Alice's quilt in tact!  It still feels soft and calm and I like the movement the butterflies create ... I hope Alice does too!

Next it's Carla's turn with this quilt ... will she ... or won't she ... add an appliquéd border?  Hmm that is the question!

Serena xx


  1. I love it so much!!!! Thanks for embracing your inner pink! I know it's there, otherwise, you would not have been able to produce such an amazing work! Also love the stained glass shot, but most importantly: When can I dive into your inviting pool???

  2. Well done!
    I have already been on the scrounge as one of my friends might have scraps of the same Liberty print that Alice used. Pink and florals - I am looking forward to my turn next!

  3. That turned out really well - very sweet but not too much! Reminds me of mixed scoops of ice cream!

  4. Great job, Serena! I am really with you on the pink, girly, floral thing. Although, like you, I am definitely embracing it better in others these days, haha! I love that you used AutoCad to make a paper piecing template, and alternating solid blocks really gives the border breathing space and lets you enjoy each beautiful butterfly. :)

  5. The blend is awesome Serena, love it!

  6. A true work of art. I love how you photographed the top and how you worked through the plan. I have no problem with floral at all but I understand why everyone has their own comfort zone!

  7. Like Alice, I love that pool in the background, and the quilt too of course. I know you've struggled to get this border just right, but i think you've done a great job. It really suits the quilt, and Alice too. I'm sure she'll love it.

  8. Oh it turned out beautifully. So glad you could make good use of the fabric I sent - it works so well. It must be quite stressful at times trying to work out how to add the next layer to someone elses quilt, but I am so impressed by all the quilts in your Possum Magic group :-)

  9. Reformed tomboy? Would you really go that far? Hahaha! Those butterflies are sweet and add a playful element to this pretty quilt top. Lovely job, Serena!



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