Monday, 1 December 2014

It's O.K. To Wash It!

I recently found out, from a rather sheepish friend, that she hasn't washed a quilt that I gave to her over a year ago.  She's not cruddy or anything, in fact the quilt looked as pristine as the day I gave it to her ... she was just too afraid to wash it.

Oh my goodness! 

She said she was worried about ruining the quilt if she washed it ... and so had not washed it ... for a whole year ...

I felt so bad for her.  My quilt was just one big burden instead of the warm, soft, cuddle it was intended to be.

I had to fix this straight away ...

After chatting with her a bit about it, I realised that I handed her the quilt with no washing instructions.

Silly me!  

Not everyone owns a quilt and not everyone has received something handmade ... one of a kind ... just for them.  No wonder she was scared.

I spoke to my mum about it and even she admitted feeling quite nervous about washing the quilt that I made for her birthday.  My mum!  Who's done mountains of washing! Who crochets and sews herself and owns heaps of handmade items ... handed down the generations ... no less!

I definitely had to fix this straight away!

So I set to writing a little "welcome to owning your own quilt" washing instructions.  I don't pre-wash my fabric before I use it, nor do I wash the quilt before I hand it on.  I don't pre-wash because, well, if I'm honest, I'm too excited to use the fabric and probably, if I'm even more honest, I'm too lazy to wash it first.  I don't wash the quilt before handing it to it's life time owner because, well, people like their own laundry powder smells.  They may have sensitive skin, or prefer Omo over Fab ... and if they are anything like me, then they always wash a purchased blanket, quilt or sheet before using it.

So here's what I came up with ..

What do you think?  Do you do something similar?  Can you think of anything else I can/should add?

My poor friend ... I really must make it up to her somehow ... perhaps another quilt?  This time with washing instructions!?  lol ...

***Thanks to some wonderful feedback in regards to this post, I can now offer a free download of the updated washing instructions here ... go get it! ***

Serena xx


  1. Love the tag in the top picture :) Though my mom would then call me to double check on the details! I do like the care instruction sheet. Stapling a Color Catcher to it is a great idea. Can I borrow some of those words and that great fabric care graphic for my next gift quilt?

  2. Such a great idea. Although I do like to put my quilts in the dryer on low heat. Do you lay yours flat to dry?

  3. I definitely pass on washing instructions for quilts. I do say it is OK to tumble dry on low; we live in a very windy desert and I would rather the quilts out here be dried and not hung out in the dust and dirt. I love the label you made, and gifting a color catcher is a great idea, too!

  4. Personally, I always wash quilts before I gift them because, as you said, they actually look and drape much better after a wash (and shrinking up the batting always makes those little quilting errors less visible).

  5. I actually do not wash before quilting or gifting; however, my daughter prefers hers washed right away for the comfort factor. It is a wonderful idea to gift with washing instructions!!! Thank you so much!!!

  6. I tend to explain that they are washable when I hand them over, but I agree that nothing beats writing it down. A label or card would be a good idea.
    I occasionally use the tumble drier on low when, on a damp day, hanging them outside hasn't quite dried them properly.

  7. I put mine in the dryer, on low, then lay them flat to finish drying them. I would never have thought to dry clean them, probably because i don't dry clean anything.

  8. Wonderful idear Serena and you cant go wrong with these instructions. I agree some people do like their own smells with washing. 😊

  9. A card is a great idea! Though I always wash my quilts before giving them away just so if anything falls apart, or if any colours run, I can fix it!! Usually I dry them in the dryer too because 1) I'm too lazy to go outside for one thing and 2) they feel extra snuggly!

  10. Love it and what a great idea to give instructions and a color catcher when you gift a quilt! I will definitely do that the next time I give a quilt away. I would be sad if a quilt didn't get used because the recipient was afraid to wash it!!!

  11. I've never passed on washing instructions for quilts - never occurred to me! I love yours!

  12. I admit that I tend to be afraid of washing my own quilts even though I love the crinkly look. I guess I just have an irrational fear that its all going to unwind ;)

  13. I usually write the washing instructions on a (cardboard) luggage tag and attach it to the quilt but I like the idea of attaching a colour catcher sheet! If I'm worried about the colour running then I often wrap a box of them and give them with the quilt!

  14. Good idea with the info sheet. I have found you can tumble dry them. People in North America always do coz they don't have clotheslines. We are just lucky with our space and sunshine down here!



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