Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Rainbow Doll's Quilt

Measuring just 27" x 27" ... this little Doll's Quilt was an exercise in:

1. Sewing with equilateral triangles (I'm a 90 degrees kind of girl)
2. Experimenting with colour (Having an engineering background I tend to visualise in black, white and grey)
3. Trying to be more thrifty (I usually throw out my scraps)

Thanks to the Triangle QAL at The Sassy Quilter I now know how to make an equilateral triangle quilt!  The QAL instalments and tutorials were very clear and therefore easy to follow and it was fun learning along with everyone.

I was too late to link up my final quilt due to planning a certain 4 year old's Princess-Mermaid-Pirate-Party (yes, we morph our themes in this house!) 

... but I thoroughly enjoyed the process.

There are some lovely triangle quilts linked up though, so go over there and give them a well deserved cheer!

I've been trying to stretch myself with colour-play and have never really attempted blending etc.  So, when I was left with a few charm pack misfits, I wondered how I could combine them all to make a cohesive quilt?  

I started by sorting them into different coloured piles first then just laid them out from warm through to cool colours.  It seemed to work and I will definitely keep this method in mind for scrap quilts in future!  

The dolls quilt is bound in some old, grey, linen blend maternity trousers that I've had hiding in my cupboard.  I recently did a wardrobe turnout and came across them.  I decided to keep them as I thought the linen fabric would come in handy...

Just one leg was needed for the binding

... funny to think that just a few years ago (pre-children, pre-quilting) that I would have just put them in the charity bag ... my, how I've changed.

UPDATE: Here is the link to my original Q2 Finish Along List

Serena x

Quilt Stats

Size: 27" x 27"
Fabric: Top = left over charm squares, Back = white with rainbow dots, Binding = ex-maternity grey linen trousers
Quilting: By me on my domestic machine, SLQ 1/4" off each side of every 2nd triangle row using Gutermann 100% cotton, Col. 618

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  1. Lol, I've got old linen pants in my stash cupboard too! Your little triangle quilt is wonderful. The colours work really well and I particularly like the stripes going in different directions. The party looks like lots of fun!

  2. I love this little quilt. You have mixed the colours really well and the triangles look so nicely lined up. Great tip about using old linen pants too :-)

  3. Pants binding is genius :)

    It's funny how photos distort the size of things; I would never have thought it was so small, though I know you've called it a doll's quilt before! The fabrics don't even look like they were scraps, they look like they were in their own little charm pack collection; they work so well together!

    That cake also looks delicious.

  4. Very cute, love the colour play. I have a bunch of clothes sitting around waiting to be cut up and used in projects - I thought I was a bit weird, so I'm glad I'm not alone, lol.

  5. That quilt is so pretty! The fabric doesn't look like it all came from scraps.

  6. Another fine work of art, love it. x

  7. Love the way your scraps came together! Simply beautiful. And I was wondering about the binding.., no need to ask the line, haha:) love the linen.

  8. Adorable quilt!!! Great job on the color blend and taking what you had on hand and finding a way to make them work! Bonus points for recycling maternity wear!!! The linen frames your colored triangles perfectly!

  9. oh my, what lovely colors!

  10. that's gorgeous! You did a fantastic job blending the colours

  11. I'm glad you got it finished; a pity about being too late for the final link. But you're right; family always comes first. You've done a great colour arrangement and its a pretty quilt for someone's dolly.

  12. Ha ha, I've kept my old linen maternity clothes for the same reason! Your quilt is beautiful, I love rainbow-y projects. And good job on the party, I know those take a ton of time and effort! Pats on the back for you for everything!

  13. I was thinking how lovely that binding looked on your quilt... to find out it is linen pants is funny! Great job on the quilt and your quilting design... and great job repurposing something that gets little wear... the leg of trousers! thanks for sharing at Bee Social :) Kathi

  14. Brilliant! You are so resourceful. That trouser leg is perfect on your quilt. Love the party theme!

  15. Your colour play turned into a beautiful rainbow quilt! And using the linen from pants to make the binding was brilliant. Thanks for sharing the sweet pics of your happy birthday girl. Hope it was a wonderful day and a memory that will last a lifetime!

  16. Binding with pants---genius!! What a great idea! I'm still working on finding the perfect project for all of my holey smartwool socks. I don't think quilt binding is it, but I now know to hold on to good pants! I've already started a stack of old denim. ONE day I will make a denim picnic quilt, but not yet.

  17. THis turned out wonderful! Love that you used old linen trousers for the binding!

  18. Great quilt, and I envy your ability to cut up clothes. I seem perfectly able to buy op shop treasures and cut them up, but if they are my own clothes, I keep thinking I might wear them again and procrastinate cutting, when I really should cut. In my case, it is safer to giver them away to avoid fashion disaster temptation.

  19. I love how you made the binding out of pants! I chuckled because I'm doing the exact same thing with clothing; I'm trying to get the house clean, and it would have been easier to just scoop everything up to donate, but I found myself taking the time to cut up a bunch of cotton shirts to use later for quilting.

  20. Lovely!! I can't believe how tiny it is. How big did you cut your triangles to begin with? I think you did a great job with your "color experiment" also. It's cohesive, while still being scrappy and unexpected!



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