Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Newbie To Bees

I'm new to sewing bees.  I've avoided putting my hand up for them for a few reasons really 1. I'm scared of letting people down when life gets in the way of sewing time.  2. What if my skills aren't up to it? 3. What if my bee mates don't like my fabric choices?

But just recently Jo of Riddle and Whimsy asked if I would like to join AusBees.  As she's local to me I thought, why not?  Give it a go.  It's a 6 month commitment (there's that scary 'c' word again).  There are 6 of us in the group and we each make 2 blocks for the queen bee of that month.  I can do that (she says).

Jo is kicking off as Queen Bee for April and she chose the Star Crossed Block - tutorial found at Don't Call Me Betsy.

Here's the blocks I made ...

I sewed really slowly and was as precise as I could be with a scant 1/4" seam required - eek!

I have since trimmed the threads but haven't squared them up yet ... some bees I see the members like to receive blocks squared, others like to square them up themselves ... ?

Jo asked for Warm and Cool colours for the Star and Cross and a low volume print for the background.

The fabrics I chose are:

1. Low Volume: Riley Blake "Enchant" by Cinderberry Stitches "Enchanted Floral in White"
2. Warm Colour: Kate Spain "Blossoms on Orange"
3. Cool Colour: Wish I knew!  I want more!  Picked this up as a FQ at my local quilt shop and there is nothing on the selvage. 

 **NOTE TO FABRIC PRODUCERS - please print the fabric label at more frequent intervals on the selvages.  Quilting fabric is, more often than not, cut into FQ's and we quilters love to know what we are using and we also like to play with pretty selvages :) **

So that's my first ever bee blocks complete.  Time to pop them in the post - yippee!


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  1. No wonder I love that orange fabric; it's Kate Spain! :)

    I think what's great for bees is that I found I spent more time trying to get the block perfect, which in the end helps my skills. If I make it for myself and it's a bit off, I kind of think "oh well" but I try a bit harder with a bee block! I'm certainly not picky if it doesn't come out right though -- my own piecing isn't perfect either!!

    Can't wait to get these blocks :D

  2. They look awesome, love the fabrics you've pulled together here. xx

  3. They're gorgeous blocks - well done on making your first bee blocks! I've recently joined my first bee and I'm having a whale of a time, hope you do, too!

  4. Love your colours and fabrics - she's going to love them. Wait 'til its your turn and all those blocks people have made for you start flooding in - It's like your birthday the whole month long!

  5. Found your lovely blog today, really like all your creations, and I thought I follow you on Instagram too,
    Your first bee blocks look so great, Im sure she will love them, Im also in a big fear to join a bee, I really would love too, but with all the commitments, Im really unsure, and with being international, it gets really fast expensive too

  6. very sweet blocks - love the fabric you chose :-)

  7. You'll be a busy bee now you're in a bee. All the queen bees will be looking forward to your blocks after seeing how wonderful these ones are!

  8. These blocks are beautiful! You definitely bee ready!

  9. Beautiful blocks Serena!! The hardest part of a bee is starting. After that it is fun to make blocks you would never have made on your own and use color combos you would not have otherwise used. Being in a bee will help grow your sewing skills too!

  10. I had some of that aqua dot too - loved it, used it up and my LQS now has run out. Beautiful blocks by the way:)

  11. Love your block and the colours you have used, Serena. I've never taken part in a bee, either, for much the same reasons as you. Maybe I should just do it.

  12. That color combination is so pretty! Your bee-mate will love them!

  13. The blocks look great, Serena! Love the colours.

  14. Bees can be a heap of fun - I'm in a couple that are fantastic bees at the moment. Your blocks look fabulous!



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