Monday, 29 April 2013

I Need Help!

Not confident to go it alone, my next step in concurring my fear of sewing machines was to hunt down some sewing/patchwork/quilting classes … if I was to walk through the gates of hell – yep, being over dramatic again.

I happily stumbled across a patchwork and quilting shop called ...

Click on picture to go to their website

... that held classes and squeezed my way onto their class list! 

Luckily for me, one of the shop owners took pity on me and took me under her straight-line-sewing, perfect-colour-placing-wing and introduced me to the lovely ladies I would join on a Monday night.

I had struck gold!

After talking about what I was hoping to achieve from my new-found classes (and explaining my past history with sewing machines) I was wisely steered towards a lovely (and simple!) baby quilt apty named “Shhh Baby Sleeping".

So, that was it.  

Now that I had a pattern in hand, it was time to choose the fabric … which turns out to be my favourite part!


p.s this post has not been sponsored by Patchwork At Homespun

1 comment:

  1. So now every Monday night, my very own creative genius, heads out for a fun filled night of quilting mayhem. Leaving me alone to bath two blondes (aged 3 and 19 months), and put them to bed. Little does she know this is the best night of week for the girls as we stay up late, jump on the beds and basically behave very badly... Mick AKA Hubby, AKA Quilting Widower



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