Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Babies Come First - WIP

My work on Hubby's Half Hexie (HHH) Quilt has been interrupted ... at his request.  One of Hubby's colleagues is due to have a baby boy at the end of this month and he would like to give them a special little quilt.  

This hobby of mine is starting to come in handy!  Do you think I should charge him double for a rush job? So, how much would that be then? ... Hmm ... double of nothing is ... nothing! Boy he drives a hard bargain :)

I started cutting and playing around with fabric last night ... liked the direction it was going in and just kept sewing!  

I managed to piece the whole quilt by bed time ... although I do have borders to add to bring up the size a bit.

I'm thinking of backing it with this funny moustache fabric ...

... and quilting it with a variegated thread in a similar way to this

Also, how about some rounded corners on those borders instead of 90 degrees? ... hmm ... yes,  I'd like to try that.

Binding will be a scrappy assortment of the leftover pieces from the sashing fabric.

Of course as this is a Work In Progress, all of the above could change!  But one must start with a plan, mustn't one?!

Serena xx

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  1. Like the idea of rounded against the squares. Love the dark background fabric with the bright colours and your quilting idea - just repinned your pin!

  2. I love the navy squares - they really highlight the colours of the other fabrics and dark colours are always good for a baby :-)

  3. I love when a project comes together so quickly! The top looks great and the mustache fabric is going to be a fun backing.

  4. So cute! I love how the squares are the same, and the sashing is scrappy. I look forward to seeing this progress.

  5. That's such a cute quilt. Good to have a useful hobby!

  6. What a great looking quilt! Love your style!

  7. Love the moustache fabric! Perfect backing! I've been wanting to try rounded corners on a quilt too but I haven't been brave enough yet since I'm not always sure my quilts even end up properly squared sometimes lol.

  8. It will be perfect for a boy Serena. That quilting looks yummy too. I hate making things under time constraints, but I guess a Perth baby isn't going to be needing a quilt in February, so you can probably be a few weeks late if you need to be.

  9. Very cute!
    Def charge hubby double for the rush job as he has had nearly 9 months to commission this quilt ;) heehee

  10. Love it and the mustache fabric - it's not your run of the mill baby quilt - the fabrics are great!

  11. That will be a perfect baby quilt! Love the It's A Hoot fabric with the dark blue.

  12. I love rounded corners on baby quilts, but I would probably add a border of the dark blue and round that to avoid cutting off any of the pretty feature fabrics. They are too nice!
    Do you think a new fancy pair of shoes might be a good trade with hubby for the baby quilt?



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