Monday, 12 January 2015

Sunglasses Case ... and those linen maternity pants

I was a bit of a busy bee before Christmas so I only had a chance to make a few items as gifts.

One of them was this Sunglasses Case ...

The highlight fabric is from Art Gallery's Dreamin' Vintage range - hello pretty!

It was my first time installing a flexi frame closure (you know the ones Nanna used to have in her coin purse?) and I'm happy to report that it was easy to do!  I picked mine up from Spotlight, the brand was Bag Chick in the bag making section.

It works!

Here's the tutorial I followed, although I tweaked the size a bit to allow for sunglasses as they are usually larger than spectacles.

The fabric I used for the main body is linen from my old maternity pants ...

Offending Maternity Pants

... that's 3 projects completed from those pants so far!

Project #1 - Binding for Triangle Rainbow Quilt

Project #2 - Back of Tiny Flying Geese Pin Cushion

Hmm ...  I wonder how many more I can make? ... physical challenge!

Serena xx

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  1. Nice to see you're putting your old maternity stuff to good use. :-) Your pincushion is very sweet.

  2. Oh those maternity pants just keep going!! Cute little case - I have always been intrigued by those flexi frames so good to know they are not difficult to sew in.

  3. I love the triangle quilt. Makes me happy happy to look at it!!!

  4. Great upcycling! I love that you have already used the linen in 3 projects, that is really cool.

  5. Do you get The Great British Sewing Bee on TV? Each week one of their challenges is to repurpose a garment into something else. Last night they turned an old wedding dress into a child's party dress. You could be on the next season of that show! Well done.

  6. I love that you reused your maternity pants. Maybe I will have to think about reusing a linen skirt I have. But it is a tan color, not this pretty gray.

  7. If you still have a whole leg left, you have loads more projects to make from them!
    I should give flexi frames a go.

  8. It looks great, Serena, I would like to make one for myself if I can find a flexi frame closure.

  9. The pants that keep on giving! I bet you get at least 3 more projects since you have a bit more than you have already used. Your new glass case is very pretty!!

  10. They're the trousers that keep on giving!

  11. There's still one leg left - whats next? Love the glasses case. Must make one of them for the sunglasses for the car!

  12. I always pick-up linen garments from the thrift shop! The only way that I can afford it! Linen is do fabulous!

  13. Fantastic - love the sunglass pouch - I have a closure like this but never dared to sew with it...maybe now :)

  14. HA! After wearing my maternity clothes through two pregnancies, I couldn't bear to look at them any more. Good for you for taking a pair of shears to yours!

  15. I love how you are using up those pants. It would be a shame to waste such a pretty color linen, such a great idea :)



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