Thursday, 22 January 2015

Work In Progress

Laying out a quilt with 510 pieces for a 6 foot man is no easy feat when your house is on the market for sale. 

510 half hexies cut

I can just picture the Home Open spiel "Welcome to this lovely modern home.  Here you'll find three bedrooms, two bathroom and a spare mattress tipped on it's side - the current owner is using it as a design wall"  - Hmmm snazzy!  LOL.

Obviously the aforementioned mattress is now no-where to be seen and my sewing space is now "dressed" properly as a lovely spare double bedroom ... so where oh where do I layout this bloody quilt?!

Answer ... on an old plastic outdoor tablecloth!  

My helpers and I

Yup!  Desperate times call for desperate measures ... or wonders of invention!

This daggy outdoor tablecloth is the most awesome of awesome.  Seriously, the Chinese are genius! Flip it over and it has a furry back on it, kind of like a flannel sheet (I'm guessing to stop it from slipping off the table).  Once I place my half hexies on that backing those babies are going nowhere!  

Made in China genius

When I'm finished or the kids are around with chocolate fingers, I simple roll up the table cloth and everything stays in place.  

I can pack it away with ease for those "show home days" and not worry if I've numbered every row or column correctly ... they. just. stay. in. place.  

When I unroll the tablecloth not one hexie is out of place.  Partly because the shiny side doesn't stick to the hexies and mostly because the furry side just grabs the cotton - sweet!

The next challenge?  Piecing all those pieces ...  

More on that next time, but let's just say this quilt and I are getting on famously!

Serena xx

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  1. This will look lovely - heck, it already does.

  2. I have heard of using flannel backed table cloths but haven't tried it. My old tablecloths probably don't have enough fluff left on them! My husband made me a design wall for my birthday last year. Its wonderful. I wonder how I existed without it. Your hexies are looking wonderful

  3. I simply love the colours of this. It is going to be wonderful. It is a good thing you plan to keep it as I doubt you could bear to part with it.

  4. Lovely colours - really like your layout - love that you can roll it up put it away and come back to it! Must look for one of those tablecloths!

  5. Look at that rainbow! Once you get your PM quilt back, you'll have more rainbow than you'll know what to do with!

  6. Your peak of the piecing looks like you are getting along famously! Lovely seams and matching points! And what a genius solution for working in your current home.

  7. They look wonderful! I've laid blocks out on a sheet before (and either rolled it up or covered with another sheet) but hadn't thought about a flannel-backed tablecloth!

  8. yummy colors! Love it! Hexies and rainbow are fab combo.

  9. Your quilt is STUNNING, the colours are lovely HAPPY colours!! The plastic table cloth idea is the BEST, thank you for sharing.

  10. I love how you have this laid out. The colors look so good together. I want to make a similar quilt sometime with the half to whole hexies.

  11. It's looking great Serena. It's amazing what can be repurposed for quilting! I"m sure your husband is going to love it - and the girls too.

  12. That is going to be one gorgeous quilt!! That is great that you have found a solution to designing your quilt and keeping the house show ready!

  13. Love thus quilt! So good to know that the flannel tablecloth works so well! I will be trying it!!!

  14. Wow! Fantastic colour graduation and such a good idea. I've used an old woollen blanket before but your tablecloth is much more effective!



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