Sunday, 11 January 2015

Sunday Stash - The Payhip Version

Hello Stashers!

I have a few purchases to confess to and one really handy new gift!

So let's eat that frog and talk about the purchases first.

My favourite place to shop for fabric these days is Instagram.  Last week @cotton_factory_destash lured me in with these little beauties ...

How could one resist?! ... and with the Aussie dollar taking a nose dive I was happy to pay Aussie shipping rates.

Hasn't the old EU VAT bizzo caused a few sleepless nights for our pattern sellers?  I recently went to purchase a pattern from Kristy at Quiet Play and found only her Free Patterns available in her Craftsy shop ... thank goodness she has opened a Payhip shop!  

I bought these two patterns from her using the new shop ...

Just My Type - Lowercase Paper Pieced Letters

Just My Type - Uppercase Paper Pieced Letters

It was easy peasy and the patterns came through immediately - ahhh that's better.  I'll be making good use of these two.

Finally a little present from Hubby for Christmas.  Something that will make cutting all the bits for his quilt out a tad easier ...

 ... no underlying motivation for him buying me this present then?

New Rotating Cutting Mat!!

I'm. In. Love. with this rotating mat already ... even took it on holiday with us for the New Years Beach Break ... I didn't end up doing much cutting on holiday though ... you can blame the Veuve ... but if you follow me on IG (@sewgiving) you'll see that it did come in handy for the odd lazy game of Scrabble.

See you over at Molli's place for Sunday Stash.

Serena xx


  1. Cute fabrics! I love my rotating mat and brought it to my mom's a week ago. She just bought one yesterday. But I never thought about using it for games...

  2. Haha! Great use of the rotating cutting mat. I love that. I am glad that Payhip has offered a good solution to the EU VAT mess. Instant downloads are just so satisfying!

  3. LOVE scrabble. Love the rotating mat, and I have one I adore. LeeAnna at not afraid of color

  4. I love your prints from instagram and had no idea that there was a way to get them from there. They are so so sweet!!

  5. Haha.. that's an awesome idea, using that rotating mat for Scrabble :D I rarely use mine for cutting, so maybe it could have new life!

  6. Fun fabrics!! And fun idea to use the rotating cutting mat for scrabble.

  7. I always forget to rotate my mat... still pick everything up and move it around myself lol!

  8. You are a bad influence. Now I am following Cotton Factory Destash!

  9. why oh why is the Aussie dollar struggling so much at the moment. I have been banned from buying anything online at the moment because it ends up so much more expensive than I initially think due to the conversion rate! Buying on IG within Aus is definitely the way to go - lovely pretty stash builders :-)

  10. Love those delicate prints you bought and I have a rotating cutting mat on my wishlist for ages!



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