Saturday, 14 January 2017

Finish Along 2017

Every year I sign up for Q1 of this Finish Along fun ... I start well and then seem to drop off the face of planet Finish Along ... so why try again?  Good question!

Here goes nothing ... or rather something ...

1. Ginger Crush Quilt BOM by Treehouse Textiles: 

Let's just get this done already!  I've stumbled on the hand applique blocks but have made a concerted effort to get through the hand sewing in recent times.  I even took it on a romantic holiday with the hubby last weekend ... and ... managed to lose a needle in the bed somewhere ... Hubs has now banned all sewing in the bed ... #spoilsport #humpf!

2. Tula Pink City Sampler:

Yes, yes I was one of those nutters clogging up your Instagram feeds.  Be prepared people, the City-Sampler-Quilt-Top-Finish-Along has just started ... so your IG feed will be full again soon of us all saying "Omigod, I can't believe I actually finished this!  I'd like to thank my family for putting up with my madness, my IG friends for all the help and support, the sponsors for the awesome prizes and the organisers, oh the amazing organisers, without you, I wouldn't have even tried!!"   - ala - Oscars style.  But I won't get ahead of myself.  They are still in a neat pile of 100 on the corner of my cutting table ... no sign of being a top yet.  Hence it's on the list.

3. Frogtatsic Quilt:

For my youngest unmarried ... what can I say?  I did my best to blend her taste in frog fabric with my love of modern design,  We have a Guild challenge on at the moment called "Size Matters" {snickers} ... no really, it's about playing with scale in your quilt design ... I see big squares and little squares in this quilt so it will be my entry ... due end of Feb ... wish me luck?

4.  Butterfly Trails Quilt:

What do you do with old bee blocks left abandoned in a cupboard for a year or two?  Why you simply pull your finger out and actually do something with them!  The top is pieced ... one butterfly quilt coming right up!

5. Mod Corsage Mini Quilt:

I had the pleasure of taking the Anna Maria Horner Mod Corsage workshop in Melbourne in November last year ... I didn't get far in the workshop, but I did come out with a clear plan of what I wanted to achieve.  Good start.

Well that's quite enough of a list for this little quilter ... I see lots of basting, quilting and binding in my future.  Let's hope Father Time is kind to me.

Linking up with our FAL 2017 host Jess of Elven Garden Quilts



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