Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Unicorn Library Bag

So this little project could have gone one of two ways.

Time flies ... she's starting Pre-Primary!

It all started with reading the school stationary list and realising at the 11th hour that Miss 4 required a Library Bag for school this year.

Me: Oh you need a library bag!
Miss 4: Can I have a Unicorn one?
Me: Absolutely, no problem at all.  I know just the pattern!  (Then going for Mother Of The Year Award)  How about I print out the pattern, then you can colour in the pattern all the colours you love and we can match Mummy's fabric to the picture? ... and then I sew it up for you!
Miss 4:  Awesome Mum!  You're the best!!
Me: I know
Husband: Rolls his eyes ...

So here's her picture ... everyone say "Awww" .. thank you.

I happily tuck Miss 4 into bed shortly after proclaiming that the Unicorn (not the whole bag) shall be finished by the morning.

Now, did you notice all the blue sky in the Unicorn picture above?  Lovely isn't it?  Shame I didn't have any blue fabric on hand ...

Me: Uh Oh
Husband: You're stuffed!

With panic settling in and my MOTY Award fading into the distance, I desperately searched every nook and cranny for blue fabric ... then realised I used it all up in Husband's Half Hexie quilt.

Me: Death Stare
Husband: Snickers

Then, with the fabric fairies shining down on me, I find some rainbow dot fabric on a white background.  Bingo!  Unicorns, rainbows ... match made in heaven, right?

Rainbows and sparkly thread saves the day!!

I finished it off with some (very badly please don't look too closely) FMQ'd flowers using a gorgeous glitter thread (see above) ...

 .. and even managed to FMQ her name! (...and yes, the thread broke at the 'G' and dragged the yellow bobbin thread up and made a real mess of things!)

My FMQ writing is at about the same level as her hand writing ... she's 4 ... but ...

First day of Pre-Primary


Me: Ha!  I am the Master of the Universe!
Husband: You got lucky

Miss 3:  I want one too!!!! (cries hysterically)

Me: (... remembers she has another child that wants so desperately to go to school as well and that really she should have made her one at the same time so that she wouldn't feel too left out) .. ohh
Husband: No words ...

So ... stay tuned for the 'up and coming' Mermaid Library Bag!

Me: Must go buy some blue fabric ... mermaids ... there's bound to be water.

Serena xx

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  1. What a cute adventure and her bad is so cute! The polka dots were such a great choice! Aren't fmq flowers hard to do?! I always struggle with them.

  2. Brilliant - love the way you tell a story - looking forward to seeing the mermaid one! I'd gift you some blue fabric but you'll have the bag made and all by the time it gets there!

  3. What a great save. I do think you are going to need blue fabric for Mermaids, though! :)

  4. That's a beautiful bag! And a funny story! I love that you included your daughter's name in the quilting. A lovely detail from a loving mother.

  5. Perfect! I'd wait till you see Miss 3's colouring job before you run out and get some blue. Who knows what colours she might imagine? Though of cou you can always run out and get some blue just because you know you'll want some eventually...

  6. So absolutely adorable! You are a great mom. And I have learned that whatever I make for one, I make for all three. Plus, I kind of see really cute butterflies flying around the unicorn. ;)

  7. You are such a good Mum. Involving your daughter by colouring in so you could match the colours is such a wonderful idea. And the end result is fantastic!!!

  8. Pity you don't live closer. I've always got plenty of blue that could have solved your problem! Good luck with the mermaid. Use plenty of that shimmery thread on the tail.

  9. You are MOTY in my book!!! yea! I hate it when my stash doesn't bring forth the desired fabric! I went to a class two weeks ago and the instructor called it our "resource room". One lady raised her hand and asked what a resource room was! lol. What a beautiful child!! Hubby needs more faith!!

  10. I can tell by that smile.... She is more than happy with her pretty unicorn library bag. And probably now the envy of every little girl in her class! Yes, I am looking forward to seeing the mermaid library bag edition!

  11. What a cute bag! Well done mommy! :)

  12. Of course she loves it! It has glitter and unicorns and rainbows and her name and every other kid in school is going to be soooooo envious.
    I can see any mermaid bag needs glitter too. (Afton made the perfect block. Do you know the one?) I am sewing frogs this week. Have they gone off frogs?

  13. Unicorns, glitter, and pink! It's like the trifecta of little girl aesthetic! She looks so pleased to be carrying her new library bag off to school. No matter how often I see it, back to school in February still throws me off :) Silly North American that I am. Thanks for linking up with TGIFF!

  14. Oh this was just too funny! Well done super mum :-)

  15. What a great bag. I love the story.

  16. adorable :) Cant wait to see the finished mermaid bag x www.crazyforpurple.com

  17. Awwww. lovely work! What a kind mum you are!

  18. I love it - great idea to get her to colour in the pattern so she got the colours she wanted! Hope school is going well!

  19. Great mum, lovely story, wonderful bag and gorgeous child!!! Death stare to hubby for not keeping the faith!! LOL Hope her fist day was a blast. Did she come home with orders from the other kids?? I think you are going to start a trend. . . ;)

  20. Hats off, MOTY!!! I hope that your stash has been enhanced with blue!



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