Wednesday, 23 October 2013

WIP - Literally!

I've seen a few bloggers out there chart their progress when starting a large quilt or a quilt that has a large variety of blocks such as the Dear Jane's, Civil War's and Farmer's Wife quilts. 

So I've decided to shamelessly copy follow their lead and do one for my version of the Farmer's Wife.

The layout below is by no means what the quilt will look like (damn you prime numbers!) it's just a boring old table that I whipped up using Publisher - but it should serve it's purpose ...

The purpose being:
1.  Keeping track and balance of fabrics and colours; 
2.  A visual guage of my progress - yup, I've got a modest (cough) amount left to do;
3.  I had another reason but it seems to have slipped my .. ah yes .. avoid goldfish syndrome ie ensure I don't do the same block twice!

We don't really celebrate all that is spooky at Halloween here in Perth.  I mean, sure, there's the entrepreneurial kids of our neighbourhood that steal a sheet from their neighbour's clothesline and come knocking for sweets as a ghost - I fully support their wickedness as long as said sheet is returned ...

In the spirit of my Northern Hemisphere friends I thought I would tackle the creepy crawly Farmer's Wife blocks next.

Blocks 82 "Spider Legs" and 83 "Spider Web" are coming right up!

Enjoy your Wednesday everyone - the sun is shining here so I think I might just head outside to sew today - ah lovely :)



  1. Hehe goldfish syndrome! I know that one well!

    It might be 4 blocks nowbut I am so impressed they are all hand sewn!

  2. Oh great idea to make a visual chart! Every journey begins with a single step, and I've found that mantra to be so helpful when making a quilt. One block leads to many!

  3. Four blocks is a great start! And hand piecing so relaxing! Enjoy that sunshine too!

  4. Such a massive project - I'm so impressed! I've been loving your blocks on IG :)

  5. I love your four blocks and template. It's awesome.

  6. I love your progress chart. I think I will make one for my Farmer's Wife too.

  7. Love your chart...that will be amazing when it's filled in!

  8. Lucky you sewing in the sunshine - we've had pouring rain pelting off the house! Your hand sewn quilt is going to be fabulous!

  9. Well done, maybe I shamelessly follow your idea too to keep track (I only have 3 blocks redone so far). Visiting from WIP

  10. I love this chart! Fantastic idea, might have to adopt it for my Tula Pink city sampler endeavor... ;)

  11. Good idea with the chart. With that many blocks it would be nice to know when you are nearly finished.



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