Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Self-Medicating WIP

So here I am again with a cold, flu, bad-arse virus (take your pick).

Before I head off to the Doctor (again) to receive a script of some sort of antibiotic that I can't pronounce, I've decided to self-medicate by immersing myself in the cutting and sewing up of beautiful fabric by a wonderful fabric designer that I can't pronounce - Kaffe Fassett.

Isn't it lovely?  It will be the feature fabric of my MiL's quilt.  Framing the blocks and then used in the boarder.  

I love the iridescence of it - such a lovely amber/terracotta flavour with pops of bright pinks and purples.

Not sure these pics do it any favours but it really is lovely and I'm feeling better all ready.

How do you pronounce Kaffe Fassett anyway?  I shall phonetically spell how I'm pronouncing his name - are you ready? - "Cafe Fassit" - don't laugh!

Perhaps you could do a philistine a favour and pop in the comments how you pronounce his name?  Remember to spell it out phonetically.  Then when I meet him someday on one of his fabulous workshops (a girl can dream, right?) I won't make a total fool of myself!




  1. Those blocks are looking awesome with the borders around them!! I have no idea of the correct pronunciation of his name but I pronounce his last name the same as you but his first name as Kaff.

  2. Gorgeous fabric. It is hard to catch the true beauty in a photograph. But your blocks look marvelous!

  3. Kaffe is my favorite designer . . . have many of his fabrics. The red is great as a border for your blocks. BTW, Kaffe rhymes with safe.

  4. I feel your pain. I am battling a lurgy too. But I think Kaffeeklatsch Fassett is the best cure there is and your choice of theses amazing flowers is spot on.

  5. So pretty - who cares how you say it anyway :)

  6. That's totally how my friend and I say it. Thanks to your commenters I can be all posh now and say it right!

  7. Hi! YES! Kaffe makes lovely fabric. Be careful, the collecting of it can be come quite addicting, not that I would know anything about that! And for a great read, you should pick up his bio. Kayf - with a long a. Say Kay and and an f at the end. Fass like pass +it. Kaffe Fassett. Hope you are feeling better, be kind to yourself.



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