Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Spider Legs - WIP

Hello my pretty ... what's your name?

"Spider Legs" you say?

Farmers Wife Block 82 "Spider Legs"

What's that?  You want to join the others in the progress chart?

Well, when you are so gorgeous .. how can I resist?

Yes ... this is my favourite block so far ... It took 37 individual pieces to create this little 6" baby!

Hope your sewing projects have put a skip in your step today!

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  1. That´s funny. I made a Farmers Wife Quilt with lots of the blocks, and this one I would swear I ´ve never seen in my book LOL. It´s a fantastic block!!!

  2. I love your blocks and I love the chart you have for filling them in as you do them. I made four Dear Jane blocks a while ago, and ended up putting them in a pillow for my granddaughter (where they do look fabulous) as I realised it was highly unlikely I would do any more. :) x

  3. I am making the SAME BLOCK today! What a coincidence. I picked up the Farmer's Wife Sampler book from Barne's and Noble this weekend.

    Can we be quilting buddies? :D

  4. It has turned out lovely! This turned out fabulous for such a lot of pieces!!

    PS is there an easy way to make your block grid?

  5. Another awesome block!! Spider legs is such an unflattering name for a block.

  6. Great block. I love those stripes :)

  7. Gorgeous block. Well done. You surely did choose the most excellent fabrics for it!

  8. Your fabric choices are much prettier than the one in the book!! I had forgotten how many small pieces went into the making of those tiny blocks! You are doing an awesome job!!

  9. The stripey fabric looks really good in this one. I'd rename this supernova - it looks like an expanding star to me!



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