Friday, 4 October 2013

A Cup of Tea

Ok, I'm almost there with the final story blocks for my MIL's quilt - hope you're not getting too bored??

Being English she does enjoy a good strong cup of tea ... so a tea cup was in order.

I found this paper pieced design on Pinterest.  I love Pinterest, it's like flicking through your favourite glossy magazine and cornering the pages that you must go back and read more about later ... anyway I digress ..

Here's the tea cup!

I made it with the handle on the left as she is .... yes, left-handed!  Have you ever noticed that when you hold a lovely piece of bone china that the pretty pattern is usually for only the right-handed person to enjoy?

And what tea is she drinking?  English Breakfast? Good ol' Bushells?  Nope it's Ceylon Tea ...

Don't worry ... I will be definitely unpicking that tea bag string!  This wonky example of embroidery is what is achieved with a very wiggly three year on your lap!

She's drinking Ceylon tea because that is where she had her first child ... her husband was some sort of a ranking officer in the Navy (sorry I didn't write down exactly what rank when she told me).  He had a high enough ranking that he was afforded a house with staff and was allowed to bring his wife to Ceylon, should she wish.  Well being the adventurer that she is, she of course said yes.  Although she didn't get to spend much time with her husband as he was always out to sea!

All this talk of tea has me craving one now.  So I'll pop the kettle on and see what's happening over at Quiet Play's Paper Piecing Party ... Mmmm might sneak a biccie out of the barrel too!



  1. Sweet little tea cup! It's going to be such a special quilt!

  2. Love your tea cup and it's tea bag label! So pretty with the stroy!


  3. Sweet tea! Your block is very pretty!
    esthersipatchandquilt at yahoo dot com

  4. Beautiful! You are very clever. I liked to inspect your creation :-)

  5. I love the tea cup! Your so clever xxx

  6. I love the teacup and the story! I'm quite partial to a cuppa myself.

  7. I love the teacup and the story! I'm quite partial to a cuppa myself.

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    1. What a sweet tea cup block! You chose the perfect fabric - it's gorgeous! Great job, Serena!



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