Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Tragic Tuesday

I feel that if Shakespeare was a quilter the famous line would certainly have gone like this:

"To steam or not to steam; that is the question ..."

Farmer's Wife Block 83 "Spider Web"

I've never had a preference either way - you could say that it really hasn't been a controversial topic for me at all ... hang on a minute ... is this a Spider's web's floating in the breeze?  

Nope it's just my "wibbly wobbly block" - my 3 year old's words!

Is this block waving at us?

It wasn't "wibbly wobbly" until I gave it a blast of steam to make those seams sit nice and flat.  

Nice flat steam ironed seams = wonky block?

I've done the same thing with the previous Farmer's Wife blocks I've hand pieced.

Now I'm scared of steam ...

So friendly quilt folk; "To steam or not to steam?"  this is the question I'm asking you!


  1. I've never steamed, but that is because my iron spits out brown yucky steam as opposed to me making a conscious decision about steam. Wobbly or not I love those fabrics you've put together for this block.

  2. Oh dear! Hopefully when you join the blocks together, the wobble goes away! It's such a lovely block!

    I don't use steam but I know others do! I think it's a personal preference!

  3. I always used to steam. But now I spritz water from a bottle if I need some and use my iron dry. Sorry your block went wibbly wobbly. And I hope Kristy is right, that it will be okay when you join them. The fabrics are fabulous and your points are perfect!

  4. I don't steam - too many people have told me not to! But I do use a spray of water to get any stubborn creases out of fabric, and I do tend to "iron" so much as "press", so I'm still a bit of an ironing rebel ;)

  5. I fill my iron with water at the start because it makes my iron more hot but I don't necessarily push the steam button unless there is a seam or wrinkle that needs a little more persuading to come out. Hope the block is fine when you join them together. I am loving your blocks!!

  6. Gorgeous block, I don't steam no reason why other than can't be bothered to fill the iron up and maybe I never will!

  7. Awesome colour combinations :)

  8. Love the orange fabric you paired with the floral print. I use steam on occasion, I really try to just use a dry iron, but sometimes i feel like steam is necessary!

  9. I don't use steam for quilting. I even have a different iron from my clothes iron because I don't mind steam for them. I must admit I don't get edges as crispy as friends who use steam but I just like a dry iron. Wibbly Wobbly blocks is such a cute name.

  10. I didn't steam for a long time, tried it once (on my own wobbly Quilty Barn) and now I'm hooked. I leave my iron on when I'm doing a lot of sewing and going back and forth between the iron and sewing machine, and I noticed that when I have water in it, it will stay hot longer. Beautiful blocks!



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